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Ujungpandang ( Dreamland Library ) - The Bugis in South Sulawesi, adheres to a belief in the Gods of Seuwae (the Only God). "The Bug...

Vision, Mission and Contributors

Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - #Sadar Nusantara History is the obligation of all people in Indonesia.

"The Weapon War only wins Political Power, while the Historical War wins the Power of the Nation's Mindset" Sapto Satrio Mulyo

Administrator of Dream Land Library
  • Founder: Sapto Satrio Mulyo
  • Secretary: Yari
  • Treasurer: Dina
  • Advisory: Manto
  • Information and Data: Imam, Gatot, Ardit
  • Public Relations: Raindy
  • Media: Abriyanto (Indonesia Mandiri)
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Vision & Mision

#SadarSejarahNusantara / #Historical Awareness of the Archipelago
  • A great nation is a nation that is aware of and loves the history of its own people
  • By consciously and understanding the history of his own people, we will not be fooled by people who merely sell foreign thoughts
  • Making history as a reference for the greatness of the Indonesian people
#BerjuangDenganSejarah / #Fighting With History
  • Dream Land Library is as Jendela Nusantara
  • One historical benchmark that must be obeyed is that there must be a timetable
  • In our opinion, "History without years is a fairy tale"


Departing from the vision of #SadarSistoryNusantara and mission #BuanguangWithSistory, we also accept all contributions from people who are sympathetic to the struggle of the Land of the Dreamland.

To provide Enlightenment and Learning, so that young people better understand the History of the Nation, so there will be no doubt to fight for it.

We are happy to receive a variety of contributions from you all, whether in the form of Prayer, Criticism and Suggestions, Information or Data, or donations.

We struggle with history, not just for us today, but rather for our grandchildren later.

For those who are willing to contribute
  • Info and Data, please send to:
  • Donate to: BCA a / n Dina Nahwiyatun (014) 066-236-0846
Dream Land Community Activities
  • Hold socialization to schools, and the general public, about the need to know the history of his own people. (This reflects on Germany and Japan whose people are very Local Wisdom but are not left behind by modernization)
  • Introducing a fun way to learn history, so that it can motivate all Indonesian people to #SadarSistoryNusantara
  • Making guidebooks, ways to sort info and historical data, so that we don't misunderstand history itself.

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