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Indonesia's economy in 2040 AD

Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - This prediction is a matter of much debate by experts. (Red)

1. Global Economic Predictions and Indonesian History Forecast *

William H. Buiter *, Chief Economist Citigroup together with 50 economists released the prediction of global economists with the title "Global Growth Generators (3G): Moving beyond emerging markets". Indonesia is predicted to enter the top 10 countries with global growth. Indonesia's GDP will rise from position 18 (2011), to position 7 (2030) and position 4 (2040).

Global Economics View - 21 February 2011
Source: Citi Investment Research & Analysis; CitiReport.pdf page 43
The Economic Prediction above is in line with the Prediction of the history of the Indonesian nation, spoken by Prabu Jayabaya (King of the Kadiri Kingdom, 1135-1159). The prophecy implies a series of words "NoTo_NoGoRo" which is then interpreted as the final syllables of the names of the RI Heads of State who have served five years or more, namely Soekarno, SoeharTo, and YudhoyoNo. In due course, in the era of the government of the Head of the Republic of Indonesia with the name ending in the syllable "Go", Indonesia will very much make improvements inward; and then in the era of the "Ro" Head of State, Indonesia will be seen by the countries in the world, and reach the period of Fair Prosperity and Prosperity "Gemah Ripah Loh Jinawi".

2. Fact: Where is Indonesia Today?

A fundamental question arises: Where is the economy and ready for Indonesia to reach the period of the Weak Ripah Loh Jinawi?

Fact-1: Indonesia as a Maritime Country. With a coastline of 80'000km (2x around the earth), it is filled with an abundance of marine biota wealth a such as: out of a total of 4100 species of marine ornamental fish in the world, 1'650 is found in archipelago sea waters; of the 17 fish spots (where millions of millions of fish gather, usually in the area of ​​the sea trench) in the world, 9 are in Indonesia ocean locations.


Fact-2: Indonesia as an Agricultural Country. Supply 85% of the world's rattan needs; the largest area of ​​our rubber plantations in the world; sugar cane, cocoa, coffee plantations, etc .;

However, most of the 55% of Indonesia's population who live in the village as MANY POOR FARMERS and even Indonesia IMPORTED RICE, AND SOYBEAN !!

Fact-3: Indonesia which has abundant natural energy resources. Arun, Aceh stores the largest LNG reserves in the world; 45% of the world's geothermal energy supply is in Indonesia; production of 1.3 million barrels of oil every day; abundant Solar energy potential where 10% of the Equator line length is located in Indonesia; etc.

However, the price of fuel and electricity soared, frequent blackouts often occur, long queues at gas stations, and Indonesia IMPORTED OIL FUELS !!

Fact-4: Indonesia is rich in research and research objects, and many Indonesians are smart. World's most complete fauna biodiversity; Komodo dragons last surviving creatures only exist in Indonesia; the highest number of active volcanoes in the world; 3 out of 10 volcanic eruptions and the world's largest earthquakes occur in Indonesia; Every year the Indonesian children regularly win several competition categories in the Mathematical and Physics Olympics.

However, our researchers are APPRECIATED AND LOOK WORKING ABROAD !!

Fact-5: Indonesia is rich in cultural diversity and tourism objects. There are 300 ethnic groups and 742 different dialects within the 17'508 islands in the archipelago.

However, only the island of Bali is well known, surpassing Indonesia's own name.

This alarming fact is the urgency of the need for improvement and improvement of the nation's performance in a more intensive and effective manner; Spur the awareness of all the children of the nation of the great economic potential of our country if it is managed by carrying out the spirit of the mandate of the People & the Nation. The era has shown the beginning of the era of "Truth" with the emergence of leaders figures who are loved by the people a.l. like Mahfud MD, Jokowi, Ahok, and several other figures.

Indonesia will become a big country, the questions and challenges that need to be examined more deeply are whether our Nation in the decades to come will become actors and act as hosts in their own country or only as servants in their own country for foreign migrants who act like host.

3. Historical Facts

- Archaeological research results from Prof. Santos (Brazil) who concluded that:
"The Lost Continent of Atlantis finally found in Indonesia".

Contributor: Nino-Kurnia Hakim Soeroyo

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