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La Galigo - Similar to the Koran but older than the Koran

Ujungpandang ( Dreamland Library ) - The Bugis in South Sulawesi, adheres to a belief in the Gods of Seuwae (the Only God). "The Bug...

The Entry of Islam in Indonesia - 12th Century

Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - Tomb of Fatimah bint Maimun, in the village of Leran, Manyar, Gresik. Cupola cupola in the form of a square wall of white limestone. Fatimah bint Maimun bin Hibatullah was a Muslim woman who died on Friday, 7th Rajab 475 Hijriyah (2 December 1082 AD). The gravestones are written in Arabic in Kufi-style calligraphy, and are the oldest grave graves of Islam found in the archipelago. The tomb is located in the village of Leran, Manyar District, about 5 km north of the city of Gresik, East Java.

The tombstone findings are one of the archaeological data regarding the existence of the first Muslim community in the north coast of East Java. The Kufi style shows that among the migrants in the coastal area, there were people from the Middle East, and that they were also traders, because grave tombs with similar Kufi styles were also found in Phanrang, southern Champa. The Champa-East Java trade relationship was part of the 11th-century coastal Muslim community trade route that stretched in southern China, India and the Middle East.

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Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture