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James Churchward's Concern on Lemuria

Papua (DreamLandLibrary). - James Churchward Year 1851 AD - 1936 AD helped encourage the popularity of ideas from Augustus Le Plongeon, which was set forth in a series of his books, including: Lost Continent of Mu, the Motherland of Man in 1926 AD, which was later edited into a series , The Lost Continent of Mu in 1931 AD, which was later written in the popular book entitled The Children of Mu in 1931 AD, and The Sacred Symbols of Mu in 1933 AD

Churhward said that the descriptions contained in his books were taken from transcripts of ancient letters, which were found on two land tablets shown by the High Priest in India (while he was serving as a military there), and also from 2500 stone tablets inscribed from Mayan ruins in Mexico collected by William Niven.

Of the 2500 stone tablets, Churchward concluded that in the Land of Mu or Le-MU-ria there was a high civilization of the nation "Naacal" which developed from 50,000 years to 12,000 years ago (48,000 BC to 10,000 BC), which was destroyed due to natural disasters.

When this major disaster occurred, the population of Mu people had reached 64 million people, leaving many big cities and colonies in various places in the world.

One of the characteristics of the Mu or Naacal relics is the symbol (God) of the Sun and Bird Man carved in various artifacts, as Megalithic relics in many places in the world, including large stone statues (Moai) on Easter Island, Polynesia.

Contrary to Augustus Le Plongeon's opinion, Churhward believed that the great land that sank from the Maya's ancestors (and also other nations, including Egypt and Greece) was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, not in the Atlantic Ocean.

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