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Minang Tribe Migration to Malaysia - 1300 AD

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Pekanbaru (Dreamland Library) - In a number of literature written, that the migration of Minang people to the Malacca Peninsula was carried out in decades. Initially it began in the 1300s.

Where many Minang families moved to the East coast of Sumatra, to Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Along with the wave of migration to the east, there was also a migration of Minang people to the west coast of Sumatra.

This condition continued to increase after Malacca became the political and economic center during the 15th century.

Ruy de Brito, a Portuguese writer, wrote in his book, that from 1,512 to 1,514 a massive migration took place. This is because, Malacca at that time was the main gateway to the Malay Peninsula (present-day Malaysia). Minang people who migrate, the majority inhabit Negeri Sembilan, and Johor Baru. The poorest, they also carry the culture of origin, ranging from culture, to culinary.

The course of time proves that the migration of Minangkabau people to Negeri Sembilan is a historical fact. Even a number of literature writes, that the Kingdom of Pagaruyuang had sent a king to reign in Negeri Sembilan. This is more because, the Minang people in Negeri Sembilan will only submit to the King who is of Minang blood. Because at that time there was chaos in choosing who was the leader in the Minang community in Negeri Sembilan, so the King of Pagaruyuang was asked to reign in Negeri Sembilan.

Migration in the 19th century was more due to political and economic problems, which at that time were dominated by the Paderi. At that time, the Minang people who were migrating, tried to build new tribes in Negeri Sembilan, and named them after the names of the nagari (the Lowest Government in West Sumatra), such as those in West Sumatra today.

This is evident, that the nagari system, can be found in Negeri Sembilan. Even all the villages in West Sumatra are in Negeri Sembilan.

From the 2,000 AD census, it is estimated that in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia: there are 450,000. Minang people.

Main Literacy

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