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Borobudur Temple - 800 AD

Borobudur Temple (337 - 422 AD) already existed when F-Huan came to the Land of Java Jakarta ( DreamLandLibrary ) - Borobudur is ...

Buddhism - 563 Years BC

Borobudur Temple was already there when Fa-Huan (337 AD - 422 AD) came to Java

Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - 563 BC is recorded as the date of birth of Buddhism

The Buddha Siddharta Gautama from 563 to 483 BC. Buddhism is one of the oldest religions that is still adhered to in the world today. During this time, the religion was temporarily developing, elements of Indian culture, coupled with elements of Hellenistic culture (Greek), Central Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

In this process of development, this religion has practically touched almost the entire Asian continent. The history of Buddhism is also marked by the development of many schools and schools, as well as divisions. The main ones are the Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana (Bajrayana) traditions, whose history is marked by ups and downs.

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