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Javanese migration to Suriname

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Manado (Dreamland Library) - MIGRATION of Javanese ethnic groups to foreign countries is generally only known to take place to Suriname in South America. The Surinamese Javanese people who began to be brought in as contract coolies in 1890 organized themselves in 1918 in an association called Tjintoko Moeljo.

The atmosphere of a plywood factory in Paramaribo City, Republic of Suriname, in the 1950s. Many Javanese people work in various industrial sectors in Suriname after the end of the plantation era.

Ambassador of the Republic of Suriname to the Republic of Indonesia Angelic Caroline Alihusain-del Castilho said that the Javanese people of Suriname are concentrated in a number of districts, such as Commewijne, Saramacca, and Nickerie.

Furthermore, the Javanese community established the mosque and the Indonesian Islamic Society in 1932. However, there was a uniqueness due to differences in the qibla of the Javanese in Suriname. Suriname is to the west of the Holy City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, while the mosque in Indonesia, which is east of Saudi Arabia, has a mecca to the west.

"Finally, there are groups that build mosques with the orientation to the west such as in Java. However, there are also those who build mosques with orientation to the east according to the location of Suriname which is in the west of Saudi Arabia. However, everyone lives in harmony, "said Del Castilho.

After the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, one group of Javanese Suriname returned to the country. President Sukarno gave land in West Sumatra called Surinamese Javanese migrants as Tongar. The project failed so that none of the following groups returned from Suriname to Indonesia.

During preparation for Suriname's independence, Toekiman Saimbang, a Surinam diplomat in Jakarta, said that many Javanese chose to migrate to the Netherlands.

"The Surinamese Javanese family must have relatives in Holland. Likewise my family, "said Toekiman. They have a special affinity with the Netherlands as the second home of Surinamese Javanese.

Toekiman estimates there are around 40,000 Surinam Javanese living in the Netherlands today. Their presence increased the number of Indisch (Indo) communities in the Netherlands who came from Maluku, Sulawesi, Java, Chinese and Indo-Europeans.

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