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Arabic - 571 AD

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History of Arabic
The linguists argue, in the first century AD, these scholars have not obtained any description of Arabic, because at that time there were no inscriptions or relics that could be obtained as evidence of the emergence of Arabic.

The new Arabic language was revealed with the discovery of the inscription "Al-Nimarah" near the city of Damascus, which was marked in 328 AD, while the Prophet Muhammad. born in 571 AD

On the other hand, there are some of the experts who are still skeptical of these thoughts, to be made certain of the existence of Arabic at that time. This is because, most of the words engraved in the inscription, only in the form of names of people.

In the opinion of these experts, to determine the origin and when the start of Arabic, it should be guided by texts from the Jahiliyah literature that are not in doubt, which in the literary writings explains the conditions of Arabic before the arrival of Islam.

During its development, the standard language became the language of Jahili Literature, and became the language used by almost all levels of society at that time.

The rapid development of the standard language, due to the emergence of experts who are able to speak fluently, and are able to compose poems in high-quality language systematics.

What is meant by standard Arabic is, Arabic is used by Muslims, for the Koran and Hadith, as well as for writing fiqh, commentary, kalam science and others

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