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Migration to the Philippines

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Manado (Dreamland Library) - Most of the Sangihe-Talaud people abroad are in the Philippines. Understandably, the Sangihe Islands and the Talaud Islands are the borders of Indonesia to neighboring the Philippines.

Indeed, long before the Indonesian state was formed, relations between the people and the kingdoms between Sangihe-Talaud and the Philippines (Mindanao and Sulu) had lasted for centuries. At the elite level, for example marriages between royal families, also at the community level. Several family trees in several books prove that.

In the Philippines Shinzo Hayase in 2001 in the Histotico-Geographical World of Sangir: An Ethno-History of East Maritime Southeast Asia quoted in Alex Ulaen's book stated there were 7,483 Sangihe-Talaud people scattered in the Republic of the Philippines. But in 2003 data came from the Indonesian Consulate in Davao stating there were 10,855 Sangihe-Talaud people. But they are not registered with Philippine immigration.

The data on the number of Sangihe-Talaud people is confusing with data released by other competent parties in the Philippines, who refer to larger numbers, ranging from up to 20,000. In fact, Philippine foreign minister Blas Ople during a visit to Manado in 2006 said the number of Indonesians who were not registered in his country was 50,000.

Despite the difference in numbers, the undeniable Sangihe-Talaud people are clearly migrated communities to various directions. Even his work is not even just a national phenomenon as circular migration of poor villagers to the city, but also has international implications, at least bilateral.

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