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Roman Empire

Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - Roman Empire (Latin: Regnum Romanum) is a monarchical government in the city of Rome and its territory. Not much is known about the history of the Roman Empire because there are no written sources from that era. Most sources were written during the Republic and the Empire based on legend.

The history of the Roman Empire dates from the founding of the city, around 753 BC and ends after the overthrow of the kings and the founding of the Republic in 509 BC.

The beginning of the kingdom
The Roman Empire began with settlements around the Palatine Hill along the Tiber river in central Italy. The area is fertile and the hills provide protection so that the place is easy to maintain. This played a role in the future glory of Rome.

At first Romulus and Remus had a dispute over where the city would be built. When Romulus was building the city wall,

Remus mocked and interrupted his work. The climax is when Remus passes through the region of Romulus, Remus is killed by Romulus. According to sources from Livius, Plutarchus, Dionysius of Halicarnassus and others, the Roman empire was ruled by seven kings in 243 years.

When the Gauls invaded Rome after the Battle of Allia in 390 BC, (according to Polybius the battle took place in 387/386 BC) they destroyed all historical records, so there were no historical records from the royal period.

The Roman Empire did not have harmonious relations with Germans for centuries. In 410, Alaric, King of Visigoths succeeded in conquering the territory of the Western Roman Empire.

Over the next few years the empire came under the rule of the Goths, until in 455 the Eternal City was again attacked by the Vandals, who also came from East Germany.

In 476, the German leader Odoacer carried out a massacre and succeeded in deposing Emperor Romulus Augustulus. That year was later touted as the year of the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.


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