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6 Indonesian Colonialist Countries

Illustration of Invaders / Invaders
Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - Most of us only know the Japanese and Dutch who once colonized us. In fact there are 6 countries that have colonized Indonesia
  1. 1509 - 1595 AD: The Portuguese only colonized Maluku, and were driven out in 1595.
  2. 1521 - 1692 AD: Spain only occupied North Sulawesi, and was driven out in 1692.
  3. 1602 - 1942 AD: The Dutch colonized all of Indonesia, and were successfully driven out in 1942, but came back in 1945, after the Japanese left, and only in 1949 did the Dutch recognize Indonesian sovereignty.
  4. 1806 - 1811 AD: France indirectly conquered Java, because the Dutch kingdom was subject to French power. It ended in 1811, when the British defeated the Dutch-French forces on Java. A debt agreement is applied.
  5. 1811 - 1816 AD: England, since the signing of the Tungtang Capitulation, one of which contained the surrender of the island of Java from the Netherlands to England. Then in 1816, the British government officially ended up controlling Indonesia, because of the London convention which contained the re-authorization of the Dutch in Indonesian territory.
  6. 1942 - 1945 AD: Japan conquered Indonesia 3.5 years, and ended in 1945, since Japan's defeat to the allies.
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