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Beware of Genocide Yourself

Dreaming of the Future, which should be unlimited. Only God can limit it
Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - In the past twenty years, from the writings in the newspaper and middle-aged people I know, there is a lot to say that his life is just a little longer. Thinking like that, sooner or later, will suggest his own mind, soul, and body to live soon.

In this case I am not talking in terms of faith, but in terms of the strong influence of suggestion on human life itself ..

There is one religion in Indonesia that often propagates that beautiful life exists after death. So that people are invited to compete to catch up quickly in the next life.

This is stupid in my opinion, because when I follow the lecture, the contents invite us to concentrate on the next life, there is someone from us who appealed, "Let's pray for this Mr. our lecturer so that he can quickly live in the next life, in order to get eternal happiness nan Abadi ".

What happened was that the Lecturer, who might be an Intelligence Agent of a country of origin from the Religion, came immediately angry at the person who said that.

From this it is clear that this is only a summation of the process of "SELF-SELF-GENOCIDE", after which, they can leisurely kale take all the natural resources that we have.

We have to think we can live for another thousand years on this Nusantara Earth, because only we are native to the Archipelago with Local Wisdom, who can care for and love the Land of Dreams of All Nations in this World ...

Sapto Satrio Mulyo

Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture