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Prophet Adam - 5872 Years BC

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Noah or Noah according to Christianity
Noah was a son of Lamech, who was born when Lamech was 182 years old (Gen. 5:28; 1Ch 1: 4)). He was born 1,056 years after Adam. Of the 10 generations after Adam, Noah was the third person to have the longest life, reaching 950 years (Gen. 9: 28-29). His name is also recorded in the genealogy of Jesus at Luke 3:36.

Noah was described as being righteous among other people who lived in his day. Genesis 6: 8 records, "But Noah found grace in God's eyes". At that time, human life was so full of sin that God decided to pass judgment by saying "I will destroy them together with the earth". However, God does not destroy everything. He ordered Noah to build a large ark to save some of His creatures.

After the ark was finished, the Book of Genesis described that water soaked the earth for 150 days and after that the water began to recede. Noah waited until the earth was completely dry before opening the ark's door. Noah then went out with his family and all the animals in the ark.

After Noah was saved, God entered into a covenant with Noah and blessed him. This is the first agreement that is known and is universal because it covers all of humanity. Later, God also made a covenant with Abraham, but the covenant was considered to be more specific.


Adam From Historical Records

According to Samawi Religion
Adam (Hebrew: Arab; Arabic: آدم, meaning land, human, or light brown) (around 5,872 BC - 4,942 BC) is believed by the Samawi religions as the first man, along with his wife named Eve. According to the Samawi Religion, they are the parents of all people in the world. The details of the story of Adam and Eve differ between the religions of Islam, Judaism, Christianity, and other religions that develop.


According to Islam
Adam lived 930 years after creation (around 3,760 BC - 2,830 BC), while Eve was born when Adam was 130 years old. The Koran contains the story of Adam in several Surahs, including Al-Baqarah: 30-38 and Al-A'raaf: 11-25.


Note: Regarding the Year that the title is taken from the calculation and reference below.

Noah (Hebrews: נוֹחַ, Nūḥ; Tiberias: נֹחַ; Arabic: نوح) (around 3993 - 3043 BC) was an apostle told in the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran. Noah was made a prophet around 3650 BC. It is estimated that he lived in the Southern region of modern Iraq. His name is mentioned 58 times in 48 verses in 9 books of the New Translation of the Bible [5] and 43 times in the Koran.


Other references:

Adil Thaha Yunus, a scientist, according to his estimation, the Prophet Adam lived around 5,872 BC.

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