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Vocabulary "Javanese" Ancient, Javanese Are All Tribes in the Archipelago

Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - The meaning of Javanese vocabulary (according to the understanding of Ancient Java) is the entire Ethnic Archipelago or the Continent of Atlantis. After the great flood, the continent split into 17,000 islands (with 750 languages) now called Indonesia, with residents of ethnic groups remaining or who during the great floods survived to survive on this archipelago.

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Meanwhile, the tribes that developed in the Archipelago (Archipelago Man) became the forerunner of other nations in the world, namely, among others: Indians, Chinese, Japanese, European, Israeli, Arabic, etc. (Read also: Noah Prophet stated in Al Quran verse QS 11.44 from Gunung Gede, West Java).

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In Old Jawi language, the meaning of the Javanese word is "Virtuous", so it is not surprising that in everyday conversation, when someone is said: "no Javanese" means that person "does not have a noble character."

From Old Javanese Mythology, Hindu and Buddhist teachers learned "Kejawen" from Guru Janabadra. "The Archipelago Religion - Kejawen (Read also: Beware of Labeling Foreign Parties), which actually already existed in 10,841 BC."

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In the travel stories of Hindu and Buddhist teachers, they stated that they learned "Kejawen" from Guru Janabadra, then they developed "Kejawen" under their own name, namely under the name "Hinduism" and "Buddhism".

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Actually "Kejawen" is the "Religion" of the tribes in the Archipelago ", where the values ​​are exactly the same as what was taught by Prophet Ibrahim AS (1997 BC) referred to in the Qur'an (651 AD)" Millatu Ibrahim ". While Kejawen who already knew Ghusti Allah first (JID - 10,481 BC) was born earlier than Ibrahim.

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