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Prophet Sulaiman - 975 BC to 935 BC

Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - Sulaiman (Arabic: سليمان; Hebrew: שְׁלֹמֹה; Standard Hebrew: Šəlomo)

In Tiberia Hebrew: Šəlōmōh, meaning "peace", lived around 975-935 BC, he was a king of Israel, and the son of King David.

His name is mentioned 27 times in the Koran.
Sulaiman was one of the four kings who managed to conquer most of the earth, including Dhul Qarnain, Bukhtanasar and Namrudz.

King of All Beings
God Almighty adopted him as a prophet and apostle. After Sulaiman was old enough and his father died, Sulaiman was made king in the kingdom of Israel.

The Lord said: "And verily We have given knowledge to David and Solomon and both of them utter; praise be to God who exalts us and many of his faithful servants. And Solomon had inherited David and he said; O people, we have been given an understanding of the sound of birds and we have been given everything. Surely all of this is truly a real gift. "

The Word of God intends: "And We (subject) the wind to Solomon, whose journey in the evening is the same as a month's journey, and We release the liquid of copper to him. And some of the jinn have worked before him (under his authority) with the permission of his Lord. And who deviates between them than Our commands, We feel to him the punishment of hell whose fire is burning. "

He rules not only over humans, but also over animals and spirits such as jinn and others. Prophet Sulaijman can talk to all living things and plants on earth, so it is not surprising that he can command all living things and plants on this earth.

In addition, he can subdue the jinn and the wind, so that he can be told to do anything, including getting liquid copper which is always out of the bowels of the earth to be used for construction, palace buildings, fortifications, large plates and furnaces.

The beautiful palace of the Prophet Sulaiman was built with mutual cooperation between humans, animals and jinns. It is said, that the walls are made of marble, the poles and doors of gold and copper, the roof of silver, ornaments and carvings of pearls and diamonds, diamonds, sand in the garden sprinkled with pearls, and so on, at that time, these objects were only in the archipelago.

It is said that the Prophet Solomon used sandalwood to make pillars in the temple of Solomon, and for musical instruments. Prophet Sulaiman imported this wood from distant places where the sandalwood might originate from East Nusa Tenggara.

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Its Policy Is Reflected In Retrieval
Even though he was young at the time, Sulaiman's wisdom could be seen through various events in his path. One example, when he tried to give advice to his father, the US David, in order to resolve disputes between the owner of the garden and the owner of the goat.

When the Prophet David wanted to decide, that the owner of the goat to hand over his goats to the owner of the garden, as compensation caused by the goats destroying the garden, and destroy the plant.

Sulaiman who heard the renvana of his father's decision, tried to give advice. According to him, it would be nice if the goats were handed over to the owner of the garden, so that the goats can be maintained, the results taken and used to meet their needs, which had been obtained from the garden.

While the garden whose plants had run out, was handed over to the owner of the goat to be cared for, until returning to its original state.

Then each one returns their respective milion to the original owner.

Thus, each party has nothing to gain or lose, more than it deserves.

Finally Sulaiman's opinion was agreed by both parties, and the general public who witnessed the conversation, were amazed by Sulaiman's expertise, to resolve the complex dispute at the time.

Sulaiman's Journey on the Throne
With the passage of time, the Prophet Solomon was increasingly known for his decisions, and aroused the authority of Solomon which was increasingly scattered, while at the same time the aura of Solomon appeared.

Seeing the intelligence and truly wise of Solomon, the Prophet David put his trust, while preparing Solomon as a substitute in the kingdom of the Children of Israel later.

Meanwhile, Sulaiman's brother Absyalum was not willing if Sulaiman was made the crown prince.

Then Absyalum accused him of being duly appointed as the crown prince because, according to him Sulaiman was still young and inexperienced. Then with a machevelian style, he tried to win the hearts of the people, by solving all their problems, which he handled himself immediately. This yielded results, seen from the increasingly widespread influence of Absyalum

Eventually Absyalum felt sure to try to become a king, and seize the authority of his own father. These events, causing turmoil and riots among the Children of Israel.

Faced with this problem, the Prophet David, who did not want bloodshed, was forced out of Baitul Maqdis, crossing the Jordan River to the Mount of Olives.

It was during this power vacuum that Absyalum entered his father's palace.

On the Mount of Olives, the Prophet David meditated to ask God for guidance, agaria could save the kingdom of Bailtul Maqdis rather than destroyed his ungodly son.

God gave instructions to the Prophet David, to fight Absyalum. However, before starting the war, the Prophet David ordered his soldiers not to kill his son, so that he would try to be captured alive.

God willed otherwise, Absyalum was destined to die, because he forced to fight with his father's army ..

After the events mentioned above, the Prophet David returned to Baitul Maqdis, to re-rule the kingdom for 40 years, before releasing the throne to Solomon. The death of the Prophet David gave full power to the Prophet Solomon to lead the Children of Israel wisely, as bestowed by God Almighty.

Overview of Wonosobo
When the Prophet Solomon was on a journey in a barren place, he told the hud-hud to look for water sources. But the hud-hud do not agree when called upon.

That caused Sulaiman's anger, but not without reason, the hud-hud came to bring important news to the Prophet Sulaiman and said: "I have flown to peek and find something very important for you to know ..."

The Word of God, intending: "Then soon came the hud-hud, then he said; I have known something, which you do not know and I brought to you from the land of Saba an important news that is believed.

"In fact, I met a woman who ruled there, and she was blessed with everything and had a great throne. I found her and her people worshiping God to the Sun."

Sulaiman bin Daud bin Aisya bin Awid from Yahuza bin Ya'qub's descendants.

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