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La Galigo - Similar to the Koran but older than the Koran

Ujungpandang ( Dreamland Library ) - The Bugis in South Sulawesi, adheres to a belief in the Gods of Seuwae (the Only God). "The Bug...

Sawerigading is 7 years older than Prophet Muhammad

To Lotan holy book
Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - Sawerigading story contained in Sure 'I La Galigo (Check H. Kern Edition, 1939), began when the gods agreed to fill this world by sending Batara Guru, a patotoe child in the sky and Nyilitomo, a son of ri Selleng at the peretiwi (underworld) to become the ruler on earth.

From their second marriage their son, Batara Lattu, was born, who would succeed his father in power in Luwu.

From the marriage of the Batara Guru with some of his retinue from heaven and the accompaniment of We Nyilitomo from Peretiwi, their sons were born who later became rulers in the Luwu regions and at the same time Batara Lattu's aides.

After Batara Lattu 'was quite an adult, he was married to We Datu Sengeng, La Urumpassi's son and We Padauleng were ditompottikka. After that Batara Guru and his wife returned to the sky.

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From their second marriage, sawerigading and tenriabeng were born as golden twins, a man and a woman. Based on Batara Guru's message, the twins must be raised separately so that later when they become adults they will not fall in love with each other.

However, the decree determines the other, because it is monitored by Sawerigading to get information that he has a very beautiful twin sister, We Tenriabeng's name. Since then his heart rested at a time when he managed to see her and immediately fell in love and wanted to marry her.

That intention was opposed by his parents and the common people, because the marriage of siblings was a taboo which if violated there would be a disaster for the country, people and plants and the whole country would be confused.

Through a long dialogue, We Tenriabeng also succeeded in persuading his brother to go to China to meet his soul mate there, I We Cudai his name. His face and appearance were exactly the same as We Tenriabeng. When Sawerigading left for China, We Tenriabeng himself went up to the sky and married his fiancé there named Remmang ri Langi. By overcoming obstacles for obstacles, finally succeeded Sawerigading who married I We Cudai whose fiance, Settiaponga had already been defeated, in a battle in the middle of the sea on his way to China.

They lived peacefully and had three children: I La Galigo, I Tenridia and Tenribalobo. From a concubine [I We Cimpau], Sawerigading had a child named We Tenriwaru.

In the meantime La Galigo became an adult, wandered, merged, married, fought and had children. At one time I We Cudai wanted to visit her husband's country, meeting in-laws that he had never seen.

Sawerigading was hesitant to remember his oath before, when he was about to leave for China, that he would no longer set foot in Luwu's land again, but unfortunately his wife, children and grandchildren were left alone without company, and finally they participated. When he arrived in Luwu, Patotoe decided to bring together all his family in Luwu.

It was at the meeting of the extended family that the descendants of the gods on earth must immediately return to the sky or peretiwi with each representative.

Not long after the families returned to their respective countries Sawerigading with their children, wife and grandchildren returned to China. In the middle of the road suddenly the boat slid down to Peretiwi.

There the authorities were welcomed by the authorities to replace their grandmother as the king of the army.

In Peretiwi he still had a child who later married We Tenriabeng's son in the sky, who was then sent to Luwu to become king there.

Finally it was time for the doors of heaven to be closed so that the rulers in Peretiwi would no longer be free to commute, provided that at any time a messenger would be sent to renew their blood as rulers.

Some Views on the Sawerigading Story Viewed from various angles, several experts have expressed their opinions about the Sawerigading story.

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Fachruddin Ambo Enre, in his dissertation entitled Rintfeedna Welenrennge (1993), put forward three types of views about the Sure'Galigo manuscript, namely as a mythical and legendary text, as a historical text and as a literary work.

Opinion which states as a myth and legend is quite reasonable because in the story there are characteristics of stories related to the myth of creation by gods in the sky by sending his children Batara Guru and We Nyilitomo to earth.

Batara Gurulah created the mountains, rivers, forests and lakes.

Following its presence there emerged plants such as: sweet potatoes, sweet, bananas, sugar cane and others. The supernatural powers of the characters, such as ascending to the rainbow, descending to Peretiwi, or crossing into Maja [spirit world], their ability to relieve storms and lightning, their ability to revive the dead in war, portraying various ceremonies, rituals and cultural aspects others are common features of mythical stories.

The view that states that Sawerigading's story as a legend is based on natural objects associated with Sawerigading figures, such as Bulupoloe near Malili, is said to have been crushed by a fallen Welenreng tree because it was cut down to be used as a boat by Sawerigading. Another example, for example, rocks in the Cerekang area were taken to be used as grindstones, referred to as bark from the Welenreng tree. Mount Kandora, the Mangkedek area, the land of Toraja there are stones which are considered incarnations of We Pinrakasi, Sawerigading's wife who died in a state of pregnancy who was picked up by Sawerigading in the spirit world.

Upon his return on earth he gave birth to a daughter named Jamallomo. The child then becomes stone. The rock mountain in the Bambapuang [Enrekang] area, which from a distance appears as a bridge platform, is considered a sinking Sawerigading boat and has become a rock. The large gong found in Selayar is considered the gong of Sawerigading, which is always taken to sail and is sounded every time it enters the port. Likewise, wanting a boat found in Bontote'ne is considered a Sawerigading boat.

The view which states that the Sawerigading story has historical value, is that there is a chronicle in Bone, Soppeng which states that their first king was Tomanurung who originated from the descendants of Sawerigading. Likewise the aristocrats in South Sulawesi, including Luwu, assumed that La Galigo and Sawerigading were their ancestors. In the lineage of the king-raj in South Sulawesi [Lontara Pangoriseng], at the top of the pedigree there are figures of La Galigo, Sawerigadin, Batara Lattu 'and Batara Guru. According to Mills, those who created the genealogy of the kings themselves were to obtain religious-religious legitimacy which supposedly imitated Javanese chronic models. Actually they do not call Sawerigading figures as historical figures, but they claim that these figures really exist, even though most of the story is fiction.

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The Sawerigading story is considered a literary work by several figures including Raffles, Matthes, R.A. Kern, A. Zainal Abidin Farid, Sawerigading's story is an ancient literature that is considered sacred by Bugis but not history. Likewise Fachruddin considers Sure ’Galigo is sacred literature. Cultural Values ​​in Sawerigading Stories In Sawerigading stories can be revealed several cultural values ​​including: religious values, pre-Islamic belief systems that describe the unseen world and the concept of human events.

In this story it is illustrated that the unseen world is the world of the gods in the sky, on earth [mulatau] who are descendants of the gods. Along with the development of Islam and other religions in Luwu, the religious value of this story will eventually experience extinction, because it is no longer compatible with the development of society.

Some of the interests of the story in the study of social sciences can be described as follows:

a. The historical value in the Sawerigading story can be seen in fact by the lineage of the kings in South Sulawesi connecting their descendants from Sawerigading.

However, this historical fact needs to be examined critically by sorting out between historical facts and mythical stories that have been inserted in the compilation of the genealogy.

b. The value of myth and legend is very dominant in coloring the Sawerigading story. Evidenced by the story line, the place characters and story events, in accordance with the characteristics that are categorized as myths and legends.

c. Although this story has less historical value and more dominant myths and legends, but this story can help in revealing archaeological evidence in reconstructing the cultural history of South Sulawesi.

d. The motto of the Luwu region as Sawerigading earth, means that the Luwu people identify their identity with a mythological figure in order to have positive implications. Perhaps it can be compared to calling Iraq the land of Abunawas.

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To Lotan holy book


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Papua is a Paradise that fell to Earth

Tribel Natives
Papua (Dreamland Library) - Other names for Papua: LABADIOS, TUNGKI, JANGGI, PAPA-UA, NUEVA GUINEE, ISLA DEL ORO (Pulau Emas), HEAVENLY LOST HEAVEN

Papua is the second largest island in the world. Around the year 200 AD, a geographer named Ptolamy called it LABADIOS. At the end of 500 AD, the Chinese author Ghau Yu Kua gave the name TUNGKI, and at the end of 600 AD, the Srivijaya Kingdom mentioned the name Papua using the name JANGGI.

Tidore gave the name for this island and its inhabitants as PAPA-UA which has changed in the name to PAPUA. In 1545, Inigo Ortiz de Retes gave the name NUEVA GUINEE and there was another sailor who gave the name ISLA DEL ORO which means Gold Island. Robin Osborne in his book, Indonesias Secret War: The Guerilla Struggle in Irian Jaya (1985), dubbed Indonesia's easternmost province as HEAVEN HEAVENLY.

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It is unknown whether in ancient BC civilization there was a kingdom in Papua. It could be that ancient times there were advanced civilizations in Papua. At a conference on street lights and traffic in 1963 in Pretoria (South Africa), C.S. Downey said about an isolated settlement in the middle of the dense forest of the Wilhelmina Mountains (Peg. Trikora) in Western New Guinea (Papua) which has an advanced lighting system.

The traders who painstakingly managed to penetrate into this settlement told of his horror at the very bright lighting of the "several months" that were on the poles there. The bulbs seemed to glow strangely after the sun began to set and kept burning all night every day. We do not know the truth of this story but if it is true it is extraordinary and must be investigated.

Papua has been known for its natural wealth long ago. In the 18th century AD, the rulers of the Srivijaya empire, sent offerings to the Chinese empire. In the offering there are several birds of Paradise, which are believed to be Birds of the Garden of Heaven which are native animals from Papua.

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With its strong fleet Sriwijaya visited Maluku and Papua to trade in spices, fragrances, pearls and feathers of the Cenderawasih bird. During the Majapahit Kingdom a number of areas in Papua were included in the Majapahit territory. In the sixteenth century the North to West coast of the Bird's Head to Namatota (Kab. Fak-Fak) area in the south, and the surrounding islands became the territory of Sultan Tidore.

The land of Papua is very rich. Copper and gold are abundant natural resources found in Papua. Papua is famous for the largest gold production in the world and a variety of mines and natural resources are so abundant.

Papua is also touted as a Little Heaven Falls to Earth. Papua is the Paradise of Biodiversity Remaining on Earth Today. In 2006, a survey team consisting of American, Indonesian and Australian explorers conducted a survey in some of the mountainous regions of Foja, Papua Province of Indonesia.

There they found a magical place they called "The Lost World", and "Paradise Garden on Earth", by watching dozens of species of birds, butterflies, frogs and plants that have never been recorded in history. If managed properly, Papuans can prosper more with the abundant natural wealth.

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1 JID = 10481 BC is a matter of Javanese years

Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - This is the beginning of the count of the Nation of the Archipelago - which was then represented by Javanese, who had known Astronomy, since centuries ago ..

Which in turn was followed by the following religions, that the birth of the Religion was marked by a number of years, such as Christianity (1 CE, as a pillar in 0 or 1), and Islam (Birth of the Prophet Muhammad in 671 CE which was made a pillar in the Year of the Hijri Year 1)

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This is the Pillar of the Kedjawen who already knew Ghusti Allah (Monotheism), where at that time there were no records of other religions.

Ghusti Allah himself has two vocabulary words Ghusti (Subject) and Allah (Predicate - which in Islam has 99 meanings in Asma Allah)

In order to make it easy to understand why Javanese worship Allah's Ghusti, we need to give an example with Predicate Subjects, such as "Red Car", if broken down into Car (Subject) and Red (Predicate)

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Vocabulary "Javanese" Ancient, Javanese Are All Tribes in the Archipelago

Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - The meaning of Javanese vocabulary (according to the understanding of Ancient Java) is the entire Ethnic Archipelago or the Continent of Atlantis. After the great flood, the continent split into 17,000 islands (with 750 languages) now called Indonesia, with residents of ethnic groups remaining or who during the great floods survived to survive on this archipelago.

Also read: Relationship between Java and Israel

Meanwhile, the tribes that developed in the Archipelago (Archipelago Man) became the forerunner of other nations in the world, namely, among others: Indians, Chinese, Japanese, European, Israeli, Arabic, etc. (Read also: Noah Prophet stated in Al Quran verse QS 11.44 from Gunung Gede, West Java).

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In Old Jawi language, the meaning of the Javanese word is "Virtuous", so it is not surprising that in everyday conversation, when someone is said: "no Javanese" means that person "does not have a noble character."

From Old Javanese Mythology, Hindu and Buddhist teachers learned "Kejawen" from Guru Janabadra. "The Archipelago Religion - Kejawen (Read also: Beware of Labeling Foreign Parties), which actually already existed in 10,841 BC."

(Also read: the meaning of Local Religion).

In the travel stories of Hindu and Buddhist teachers, they stated that they learned "Kejawen" from Guru Janabadra, then they developed "Kejawen" under their own name, namely under the name "Hinduism" and "Buddhism".

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Actually "Kejawen" is the "Religion" of the tribes in the Archipelago ", where the values ​​are exactly the same as what was taught by Prophet Ibrahim AS (1997 BC) referred to in the Qur'an (651 AD)" Millatu Ibrahim ". While Kejawen who already knew Ghusti Allah first (JID - 10,481 BC) was born earlier than Ibrahim.

Sources: From Various Sources

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Pithecanthropus Erectus - 1998100 BC

Sangiran (Dreamland Library) - In the Sangiran site area, traces of 2 million years old to 200,000 years ago (1,998,100 BC - 198,100 - the assumption when Dubois was calculated in 1,891 AD - close to 1,900 AD) can still be found today. .

Relatively intact too. So that experts can assemble a common thread of history that has happened in Sangiran in sequence.

Sangiran Museum is an archeological museum located in Kalijambe District, Sragen Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. The museum is adjacent to the Sangiran archaeological site which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sangiran site has an area of ​​56 km ² covering three sub-districts in Sragen (Gemolong, Kalijambe, and Plupuh) and Gondangrejo District which are included in the Karanganyar Regency.

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Sangiran site is located in the Sangiran Dome area which is part of the Solo depression, at the foot of Mount Lawu (17 km from the city of Solo). Sangiran Museum and its archeological sites, besides being an interesting tourist attraction, is also an arena of research on the most important and most complete prehistoric life in Asia, even the world.

At the Sangiran museum and site you can get complete information about the patterns of ancient human life on Java that contributed to the development of science such as Anthropology, Archeology, Geology, Paleoanthropology.

Also at the Sangiran site, for the first time a fossil of the lower jaw Pithecantropus erectus (a species in the Homo erectus taxon) was discovered by German archaeologist Professor Von Koenigswald.


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Tembok Emas Dipagari Dinding Perak
Manado (Dreamland Library) - The Civilization of Atlantis, first coined by an ancient Greek philosopher named Plato (427 - 347 BC)

What is meant by East Indies is Indonesia. 
Source: in his book entitled "Critias and Timaeus".

In Timaeus's book, Plato tells us that in front of the Strait of Haigelisi Mainstay, there is a very large island, from there you can go to another island, in front of the islands is entirely land surrounded by ocean sea, it is the kingdom of Atlantis.

Before discussing the existence of Atlantis, we must be sure first, that the existence of Atlantis is actually in Indonesia.

By reading the diagram below, we will know that "Atlantis is Indonesia".

Prof.'s diagram Arysio Santos in Proving Atlantis is Nusantara (which is called Santos by The East Indies)
In the book Critias, the younger cousin of Critias tells the story of Atlantis. Critias was a student of the philosopher Socrates, three times he emphasized the existence of Atlantis in his dialogue. The story comes from Joepe's oral story, the ancestor of the man Critias. While Joepe also heard it from a Greek poet named Solon (639-559 BC).

The story outline in the book is, there is a giant land above the Atlantic Ocean west of the very distant Mediterranean Sea, which is proud of its amazing civilization. He produced innumerable gold and silver. The palace is surrounded by a golden wall, and is fenced by a silver wall. The walls of the palace in gold, brilliant and majestic. There, the level of development of civilization is very riveting.

The Atlantean civilization, which had ports and ships with perfect equipment, also had objects that could carry people flying. His power is not only limited in Europe, even far to mainland Africa. After a devastating earthquake, it sank to the bottom of the sea and its civilization, also lost in human memory.

Architecture of the Agricultural Nation
If we observe from the text above, then we will conclude, that Atlantis is a very advanced civilization. With technology and science at that time, it has made it a great nation, and has a prosperous life.

There are a number of notes about the efforts of scientists, in the search effort, to prove that Atlantis really existed.

According to Plato's version of calculation, the time of the sinking of the kingdom of Atlantis, approximately 11,150 years ago. Plato has said several times, the state of the kingdom of Atlantis is told for generations. It's not his design or his own engineering at all. Plato even went to Egypt for guidance from local famous monks and monks at that time. Plato's teacher, Socrates, when talking about the kingdom of Atlantis also stressed, because it is real, its value is far more powerful than the fabricated story.

If everything said by Plato is really real, then since 12,000 years ago, humans have created civilization. But where is the kingdom of Atlantis? For thousands of years, people have been very interested in this. Until the 20th century, since the 1960s, the Bermuda Sea, located in the western Atlantic Ocean, in the Bahamas, and the seas around the Florida islands, were once successively found to shock the wonders of the world.

One day in 1968, the Bimini Islands around the Atlantic Ocean in the Bahamas Island cluster, the sea was calm and clear like bright glass, transparent to the bottom of the sea. Some divers on their way back to the Bimini islands, suddenly there are screaming in surprise. At the bottom of the sea there's a big road! Several divers dived simultaneously to the bottom, apparently there was indeed a large road stretched composed of giant rocks. It was a big road that was built using rectangular stones and polygons, the size of the stone and the thickness is not the same, but the arrangement is very neat, the contours are brilliant. Is this the post of the kingdom of Atlantis?

Beginning in the 70s around the islands of the Yasuel Atlantic Ocean, a group of researchers had taken a coral core by drilling at a depth of 800 meters on the seabed, according to scientific expressions, the place was really a land in the past 12,000 years. The conclusions drawn on the basis of scientific technology are very similar to those described by Plato! However, is this the sinking place of the kingdom of Atlantis?

In 1974, a USSR ship made 8 photographs which, if abstracted, form an ancient building of human masterpieces. Was this built by Atlantis?

In 1979, American and French scientists with a very sophisticated instrument set discovered a pyramid on the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle "sea of ​​death" sea. The length of the pyramid is approximately 300 meters, the height of approximately 200 meters, the top of the pyramid with the surface of the ocean is only 100 meters, larger than the Egyptian pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid there are two giant holes, sea water with amazing speed flowing at the bottom of the hole. This great pyramid, was it built by the people of Atlantis? Atlan royal forces once conquered Egypt, did the Atlantis bring the civilization of the pyramids to Egypt? America also has a pyramid, is it from Egypt or comes from the kingdom of Atlantis?

In 1985, two Norwegian sailors discovered an ancient city beneath the "triangle of death" sea area. In the photo made by the two of them, there are plains, large vertical and horizontal roads and aisles, dome-roofed houses, arena complaints (animals), temples, riverbanks etc. They both say absolutely believe in what they found was the Continent of Atlantis as described by Plato. Is that true?
Map of the Archipelago of Atlantis at the time
Even more horrendous is the research conducted by Aryso Santos, a scientist from origin

Map of the Archipelago
Brazil. Santos asserted that Atlantis was a region that is now called Indonesia. In his 30 years of research written in a book "Atlantis, The Lost Continent Finally Found, The Definitive Localization of Plato's Lost Civilization" he displays 33 comparisons, such as area, weather, natural wealth, volcanoes, and farming methods, which ultimately concluded that Atlantis was Indonesia. The rice terracing system that is typical of Indonesia, according to him, is the form adopted by the Borobudur Temple, the Pyramid in Egypt, and the ancient Aztec buildings in Mexico.

Santos determined that in the past Atlantis was a continent stretching from southern India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, continuing eastward with Indonesia (now) as its center. In that region there are dozens of active volcanoes surrounded by a fused ocean called Orientale, consisting of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, according to Plato, Atlantis is a continent lost due to volcanic eruptions that simultaneously erupted. At that time most parts of the world were still covered by layers of ice (the Pleistocene era). With the eruption of dozens of volcanoes simultaneously which are mostly located in the territory of Indonesia today, then part of the continent sank and covered by water from the melting ice. Among the eruption of Mount Meru in South India and Mount Semeru / Sumeru / Mahameru in East Java. Then the volcanic eruption on Sumatra that formed Lake Toba with the island of Somasir, which was the top of the mountain that erupted at that time. The most devastating eruption later on was Mount Krakatoa (Krakatoa) which broke up parts of Sumatra and Java and others and formed the Sunda Strait.

Santos is different from Plato regarding the location of Atlantis. The Brazilian scientist argues, that at the time of the eruption of the volcanoes, causing the ice to melt, and flow into the ocean so that its extent increases. Water and mud from the ash of the volcano, weighing on the ocean and its base, causing tremendous pressure on the skin of the earth at the bottom of the ocean, especially on the coast of the continent. This pressure results in an earthquake. This earthquake was strengthened again by mountains that erupted later, in succession, and caused a devastating tsunami wave. Santos named it Heinrich Events.

In an effort to express opinions based on world history, it appears that Plato had committed two errors, first concerning the shape / position of the earth which he said was flat. Secondly, regarding the location of the continent of Atlantis which he said was in the Atlantic Ocean, which was opposed by Santos. United States military research in the Atlantic region proved to be unable to find traces of the lost continent. Therefore, it is not arbitrary that there is a saying, "Amicus Plato, sed magical amica veritas." It means, "I am happy with Plato but I am more pleased with the truth."

However, there are a number of current conditions between Plato and Santos agree. First, that the location of the sinking continent was Atlantis, and by Santos it was confirmed as the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Second, the number or length of the volcano chain in Indonesia. Among these are Kerinci, Talang, Krakatoa, Malabar, Galunggung, Pangrango, Merapi, Merbabu, Semeru, Bromo, Agung, Rinjani. Some of the mountains have been, or are active again.

Western scholars happen to find someone who is able to recall himself as an Atlantis in his previous life "Inggrid Benette". Some fragments of life, and the social conditions in his memory are still imprinted, as an input to be able to clearly feel the high civilization of Atlantis. And the most important thing is to give us a clue about why Atlantis was destroyed. Below is the memory of Inggrid Bennette.

Life Filled with Intelligence
In my previous life at Atlantis, I was a well-rounded person, promoted as the head of the "Crystal Protector" female energy (equivalent to the head of a power plant now). This energy center is located in a large room with curved roofs. The floor is of sand and stone walls, in the middle of the room a giant crystal, placed on a black base. Its function is to channel energy throughout the city. My duty to protect the crystal. This work is not the same as the current factory operational system, but by maintaining determination in the heart, understanding one's own soul, is an important part of the work, this is a soul-controlled installation. There is a man who is smart and smart, he is our "protector".

My hair is long in gold, my hair is curled in gold knitted things, just like in Greek times. Hair in a high bun, with curled coils falling down on the back. Every day my hair is styled by a hairdresser, this is part of my routine work.

The philosophy believed by the people of Atlantis is that "the body is the temple of the soul", therefore it is very concerned about the cleanliness of the body, and how to dress, this is the main thing in life. I wore a translucent long shirt, using a gold ribbon tied around the back waist, after crossing it in front of my chest.

Men dress in long skirts and short skirts, some people wear hats, some don't, all made with the same clear white. Like uniforms, but in those days, not at all distinguished, wearing this only shows a status, symbolizing the maturity of our body and soul. There are also those who wear other color clothes, but from the same clear material, they wear colored clothes, because it aims for treatment. The relationship is very large with the imbalance of the body's energy centers, specific colors have a function of treatment.

Communicate with Animals

Ketika Lumba-lumba Sedang Berkomunikasi
I often go listen to dolphin advice. Dolphins live in a place built specifically for them. A beautiful large lake area, has giant steps that penetrate into the middle of the lake. The two-sided steps of the steps are majestic poles, while the lake area is connected to the sea through a large canal. In the afternoon the dolphins swim there, playing around, after nightfall returning to the vast ocean. Dolphins are free to roam, indicating it is a very special place. Dolphins are our best friends and advisors. They are very smart, and are a source of balance and harmony in our community.

Only a few people go to listen to the dolphin intellectual language. I often swim with them, stroking them, playing with them, and listening to their advice. We often exchange ideas through telepathy. Their energy makes me full of vitality as well as gives me strength. I can walk according to my heart's desire, for example if I want to go to a vast field far away, I close my eyes, and concentrate on that place. There will be a light "wuung" sound, I open my eyes, so I'm already in that place.

I most like being with Unicorn (flying horse). They are like horses eating grass in the wilderness. Unicorn has a horn on its head, just like dolphins, we contact through telepathic relations. Relatively, Unicorn's mind is very innocent. We often exchange ideas, for example, "I want to run fast". Unicorns will answer: "All right". We run together, our hair flying in the wind. Their souls are so calm, peace generates respect. Unicorns never hurt anyone, let alone have thoughts, or evil intentions, even when faced with challenges it will still be so.

I often feel sad for people today, because they do not believe in the existence of this animal, there is a mentor of the soul told me: "When the conditions of the world return to balance, and harmony, all people accept each other, love each other, then Unicorn will return".

Beautiful Surroundings
In northeast Atlantis there is a vast field of grassland. This meadow spreads a soft fragrance, and I like to sit in meditation there. 
Garden of Eden

The aroma is so warm. The usefulness of fresh flowers is very much, so widely planted. For example, blue and white flowers are planted together, this is not only very tempting visually, it is very necessary for the effectiveness of vibration. This meadow is cared for by people who get special training, and is of high quality, and rich in knowledge. "Potion experts" start caring for them from the bud, then pick, and extract the essence of the starch.

In the work environment at Atlantis, there is rarely a low position. No matter how low the work, it is still seen as an important member of our community. Society is used to respecting and complimenting the capability of other people. Who grows fruit, vegetables, and growers of beans, also live in the northeast. Most are botanists, nutritionists, and other food experts. They are responsible for providing food for all our civilizations.

Most people are designated as physical workers, for example gardeners and builders. It will make their body condition remained stable. A small number of them, have intelligence, work arrangements adjusted to the level of development of their intelligence. Atlantis people think that physical work is more useful, this makes their emotions (feelings) get balance, anger and mood when depression can be directed constructively, after all the human body is born for physical work, this has been proven. However, there are always exceptions, for example men who are feminine or vice versa, in the end, smart people will guide these people to work, which suits their conditions. Everyone will go to intelligence, act as their own character, all of this is the most basic thing.

The entire life of Atlantis is a set of harmony that is not universally bound to plants, minerals, animals and vegetables. Everyone is a part particle, everyone knows, that their devotion is needed. In Atlantis there is no financial system, only trading activities. We never carry wallets or keys and the like. There is rarely greed or malice, only determination.

High technology
In Atlantis there are flying facilities that look like "flying saucers" (UFOs), they use a magnetic field to control the energy of rotation and landing, this type of connection is commonly used for long-distance travel.
Flying Saucer Relief

Traveling short distances using only a pulley that can be boarded by two people. It has a machine that is similar to a hydrofoil ship, the principle of cooperation with flying equipment, also uses magnetic energy fields. Others, such as food, household commodities, or large items, are transported in the same way using large carriers called "Subbers."

Atlantis is a huge civilization, we communicate using ships to broadcast news to various regions. Most of the information is received by "smart people" through inner responses, they have the ability to receive in a special way, this is similar to a satellite receiver station, and is very accurate. So, their job is to sit down, and receive information distributed from other places. Actually, in work, the way I operate large crystals, is also done through the heart.

Advanced Treatment
In this civilization, there is no severe disease. The treatment methods used, all of which use crystals, colors, music, fragrances and herb mixtures, by developing the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

The medical center is a place with many rooms. When the patient entered, a color will be noted on the wall. Then the patient is directed to a special room, to determine treatment. In the first room, a well-trained assistant, and extensive knowledge of treatment, will detect the frequency of vibrations in the patient's body. Information transferred to another room. In the room, the patient will lie on a flat granite, while the other assistants will arrange a treatment plan that is appropriate for the patient.

After that, the room will be filled with therapeutic music, special crystals will be placed on the patient. The whole room is filled with soft fragrances, the last will appear a color. Next, the patient is asked to reflect, so that the treatment energy seeped into the body. Thus, all existing senses will be healthy again, "color" heals the sense of sight, "plant aroma" heals the sense of smell, "sweet music" heals the sense of hearing, and finally, "pure water" heals the sense of taste. Meditation finished, had to drink water from the tube. The energy is very large, like a beam of light, illuminating the body from top to bottom. The entire body like have been met. Treatment techniques are always related to "magnetic fields" and "solar energy", as well as physical and psychological treatments.

Strict Child Education
When the baby was still in the womb, given the sound, music and intelligence guidance at that time. During the womb, "smart people" will give direction to the prospective child's parents. Since the baby is born, parents care for and educate him at home, loving and loving their children. During the day, children will be deposited in day care centers, hear music there, see the vibrations of color, and stories related to positive thinking, and philosophical-themed stories.

Children's education center, available in every place. Children are educated to become living things that have perfect intelligence. Learn to open minds, so that they can work together physically and spiritually. At the stage of child development, smart people play a very large role, educators have a respectable position in the Atlantis community, usually only can be obtained when the age reaches 60-120 years, depending on the growth of intelligence. And that's a work which everybody want it.

In all regions, everyone has received education from the age of 3 years. They receive education in a multi-storey building. In front of the school building there is a rainbow symbol, the rainbow is the symbol of the guidance center. The main lesson is to hear and see. The student relaxed lying or sitting, so that the vertebrae did not experience pressure. Another method is to contemplate, eyes closed with eye shields, in eye shields displayed various colors. When musing, a visualization method like this is very effective. Simultaneously it is also given a subliminal tape. When the body and brain are relaxed, knowledge flows into the memory part of the cerebrum. This is one of the most effective learning methods, because it has closed all information channels that can distract. "Smart people" guide the student, depending on the level of ability to absorb the child, and make it easier to see certain talents they have. Thus, every child has the same opportunity to develop their potential.

Positive forward thinking, and the frequency of vibration is the main key in the learning period and enhance / encourage open insight. The higher the level of vibration frequency in the brain, the higher the vibration frequency in the soul. The more positive the inherent awareness, the more it reflects the extrinsic awareness, or the hidden consciousness. When the two are harmonious, it will open up a positive worldview: If the two don't match, then people will drift into greed, and power. For the people of Atlantis, controlling the power of thinking of others is an uncivilized way of life, and this is not justified.

In our history books, we have felt insecure and calm. The uncivilized character of our ancestors still influenced our community at that time. For example, choosing animals for experiment. However, the rules of intelligence strictly forbid interfering in the lives of others. Even though we know there are risks, we must not force, or punish others, because everyone must be responsible for his own sanitary development. In that society, insecurity is for security. Philosophy like this is very good, and very respected by the people at that time, he was our protector.

The Apocalypse That Hits Atlantis
I am not married. At that time, people were not married. If you intend to bind someone, it will carry out a binding ceremony. The binding has absolutely no legal effect or binding force, just based on feelings of the heart. The sex life of the people of Atlantis is very dynamic, to maintain health. I decided to live with him based on the impression of sex, intelligence and attractiveness. At that time, sex was an important part of life, sex was as important as eating or sleeping. This is part of "the existence of life as a whole", and besides our physical body does not show our age, generally we can live to be 200 years old.

There are also people who have sex with animals, or with half humans half animals, for example, the body of a horse with a human head. At that time, the people of Atlantis could carry out cross-breeding transplants, for the harmony of humans and animals in nature, but some people forget this, the starting point of their goal is sex. People who are aware know that this will cause an imbalance in our society, people are very anxious, and afraid of this, but there is no preventive action. This is very much related to our belief, humans have the freedom to choose, and one must not interfere with the growth of the intelligence of others. People who choose animals as opposed to play, usually lose balance in their souls, and are considered immature.

The Undead Advanced Technology
In my lifetime, we knew Atlantis had reached the end of death. Among us there are some people who know about this, however, most people deliberately ignore it, or are not interested in this. The material element has lost its balance. Very advanced technology. For example, air pollution is purified, air temperature adjusted. Technological progress, until we began to change the composition of air and water. This last caused the destruction of Atlantis.

The four main elements namely: wind, water, fire, and earth are the most fundamental of our galaxy and earth, the most stable material base. Trying to unite or change these basic elements has violated the laws of nature. Scientists work and live in the western part of Atlantis, they "succumb" to greed, for the sake of personal power and honor intend to "control" the 4 basic elements. Now nature knows, this has resulted in total destruction. They think themselves above others, they fantasize as a character of God, want to control the basic constituents of the star.

Nearing the Day of Judgment

Saat-saat Berakhirnya Atlantis

"Doomsday" predictions have circulated widely, but only people who are smart, and who follow the spiritual path who know the cause. The end of our civilization is only caused by a handful of humans! The forecast says: "The earth will rise, a new Land will emerge, everyone begins to struggle again. Only a handful of fortunate people will live, they will spread in all directions in the new land, and the story of Atlantis will be hereditary, we will return to the past ". Interesting lessons, Dolphins never told us the day of "doomsday" will arrive, we know the time is getting closer, because it has been two dolphins for two weeks. They told us when we were going to a quiet place, and guarded the crystal ball, the dolphins told us we could safely go west.

Many people left Atlantis in search of new land. Some went as far as Egypt, while others were nearing the end of Atlantis leaving on a boat, to a new land which was not found on the map. These lands are not part of our civilization, and therefore not in our protection. Many felt disappointed and left us, actively seeking a safe and advanced environment. Therefore, Atlantis almost no immigrants. However, after a journey of a handful of people to the "strange" land, they returned safely. And the state of his country has at least told us knowledge about life outside of Atlantis.

I chose to stay, making sure the energy crystal didn't suffer anything, until the end. Crystal constantly supplies the energy to the city. During the last few weeks, crystals have been covered by transparent protectors made from special materials. Maybe someday, he will be found, and used once more for good intentions. When the crystal is found, it will prove the civilization of Atlantis, as well as reveal other mysteries that have not been revealed for several centuries.

I still remember the longest day, the last day, the last second, the earth foundered, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption, a fire disaster. The earth plates collide violently with each other. The earth is in ruins, people in the curved roofs of crystal buildings are welcoming when they arrive. My soul is very calm. A building shook violently. I was pulled by someone onto the wall, we hugged each other. I hope to die soon. In the sky of thick smoke rolling in, I saw lava of the earth spraying, red flames colored the sky. Space in the house filled with smoke, we are very crowded. Then I fainted, then, I remembered my spirit flying in the light. I looked down and saw that the land was sinking. Sea water surging, swallowing everything. People run in all directions, if not swallowed by fierce water, surely fall into the crater of fire. I hear clearly the sound of screams. The earth is like a giant boiling kettle, like a hungry beast, biting and swallowing all its prey. Sea water has submerged land.

The Source of Destruction
Through Inggrid Benette's memory, it is known that the level of technological development of the people of Atlantis, is very different from our present civilization, even his experience of material is different from modern science, on the contrary it is similar to ancient Chinese science, developing in another way. Civilizations like these are far beyond current civilizations. Just hearing it is like reading a fictional novel. Compare with the present, the ability of the souls of the people of Atlantis is very concerned, even has a supernormal ability, able to communicate with animals, which people pay attention to is smart and talented, fed with various knowledge, but ignores inner strength.

The people of Atlantis attach importance to "intelligence of the soul" and "body" to develop all the hidden potential in the human body, this makes their civilization can develop rapidly in the long run, and the main cause does not cause symptoms of imbalance.

Regarding the extinction of the civilization of Atlantis, we deserve to contemplate from now on. Speaking of history, surely only time can not be changed, because the description of the place can be engineered in such a way. You know when Atlantis existed, and do you know the real year of Java; 12,322 JED at the time of 1 AD. While the first contaminated Javanese year is 4425 AD 1, and the second contaminated Javanese year is 78 AD 1, or what is often called the Saka year. And the last Javanese contamination was the Islamic Javanese calendar introduced by Sultan Agung.

Javanese people are senkretis, too loose to accept outside influences, this is in accordance with the memory of "Inggrid Benette" where the people of Atlantis are very respectful and easy to accept values ​​that are considered not hurting others.

From the words "Ingrid Benette" believe it or not, it is a culture that is still applied today in the interior of the archipelago, namely "Indonesian Local Wisdom"

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Hobbits From Indonesia 92000 BC to 11000 BC

Flores (Dreamland Library) - If you have ever watched the first Star Trek, you might remember the dialog when chasing with a flying motorbike.

Where are the hobbies screaming in Indonesian ... Well here's the answer ... Homo Floresiensis ("Flores Man", nicknamed Hobbit) is the name given by the research group to species of the genus Homo, which has a body and brain volume. small.

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Liang Bua is a place in Ruteng District, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT), which is believed to have been a hobbit village.

Hobbits are the subject of worldwide discussion, when they appear in the film trilogy Lord of the Rings directed by Peter Jackson.

Flores dwarf human research has been carried out by archaeologists;

Version 1: Performed by Dutch archeologists, since around the 1930s.

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Version 2: The first study was initiated by Father Verhoeven in 1958.

As a Hobbit village, Liang Bua in the Manggarai language means "Cool Hole", which is believed to be the dwelling place of Flores dwarf humans.

Where the cave is quite large in size, 50 meters long, 40 meters wide and 25 meters high.

The first dwarf human fossils found in the village of Hobbit, were found at a depth of about 5 meters, and animal fossils at a depth of about 10 meters.

While some of the fossil parts are stored in the Liang Bua Museum, which is located not far from the location of the Liang Bua cave, and some in the Netherlands and Australia.

The village of Hobbit or Goa Liang Bua, located 14 kilometers from Ruteng, the capital of Manggarai Regency.

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Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture