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First Malaysian King Negeri Sembilan - Years 1773 AD to 1795 AD

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Raja Melewar was Negeri Sembilan's first great dictator in the Malay Peninsula. He is a descendant of Yang Perttuan Pagaruyung (West Sumatra), who was sent to become king in Negeri Sembilan.

His full name is Yang DiTuan Besar Sri Paduka Raja Tuanku Mahmud Syah ibni al-Marhum Sultan 'Abdu'l Jalil, who is in the Big Nation of Negeri Sembilan. King Melewar ruled from 1773 to 1795.

The Minangkabau settlers had settled in Negeri Sembilan since the 15th century. At first they were under the protection of Malacca, and then Johor. In the 18th century the weakened Johor could no longer protect Negeri Sembilan from attacks by the Bugis. Therefore the leaders of Negeri Sembilan requested that the king be sent from Pagaruyung to rule them. The king of Pagaruyung at the time, Sultan Abdul Jalil, granted the request and sent King Melewar to become king in Negeri Sembilan.

Before Raja Melewar left for Negeri Sembilan, Raja Pagaruyung had ordered a royal relative named Raja Khatib to leave early to make preparations to welcome King Melewar in Negeri Sembilan. But when he got King Khatib in the Waiting Series, he had claimed to be the king's son who was brought from Pagaruyung. Penghulu Menanti Series called Penghulu Naam then married his daughter to Raja Khatib.

Meanwhile Raja Melewar's army departed from Pagaruyung for the Malay Land. However, before going to Negeri Sembilan, Raja Melewar first faced the Sultan of Johor who later awarded the seal of the mohor and was given the power to rule all the colonies in Negeri Sembilan.

After the inauguration, Raja Melewar and his generation left for Negeri Sembilan via Naning. Arriving at Naning, Raja Melewar's army had passed the Bugis army led by Daeng Kemboja. A battle ensued and finally the Bugis forces were defeated and Daeng Kemboja was forced to flee.

Raja Melewar then continued his journey so that he arrived at Rembau and was declared to be the Great Chief of Negeri Sembilan in the Impure Village. The place where King Melewar resides has been named Kampung Astana Raja.

After the death, Raja Melewar led an army to attack Raja Khatib in the Waiting Series. The prince Naam rebelled against the Great Lord's Arms, Melewar. In this battle the Aboriginal Naam was defeated and he was beheaded. With that, the tension in the Negeri Sembilan government was over.

Raja Melewar was succeeded by Tuanku Raja Hitam as the great dictator of Negeri Sembilan (1795-1808).

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