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Continent Lemuria / MU - 75000 BC to 11000 BC

Papua (DreamLandLibrary) - Lemuria / Mu is a Modern Civilization that appeared first, before the Modern Civilization of Atlantis

Researchers place the Era of the Lemuria Civilization in the period 75,000 BC to 11,000 BC. If we look at this period, the Lumeria Nation ended in 11,000 BC, while the Atlantis began in 9,500 BC. so about 2,500 years adrift.

The Land of Mu ("The Land of Mu"), was revealed for the first time by Augustus Le Plongeon in 1,825 AD - 1,907 AD (A Researcher and Writer), after he returned from his journey to study the remnants of the Mayan ruins in Yucatan, Mexico.

This information was obtained, after its success translating several pieces of ancient records from the Mayans.

From the results of the translation, obtained some information that shows the results, that the Lemurians are indeed older than their civilization (Atlantis).

From various Building Reliefs, Artifacts, Symbols, and Hieroglyphs writings found there, Le Ploengon concluded, that the Mayan Civilizations (Ancestors) were older than the Egyptian and Greek civilizations, even further, which were the parent of Very Ancient Civilizations , namely from one land that sank because of disaster.

One of the ancestors of the sinking land was the "Queen Moo" who built civilizations in Egypt and Greece.

Le Ploengon then concluded that the land referred to by the Mayans was the Land of Atlantis in Timaeus and Critias.

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