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La Galigo - Similar to the Koran but older than the Koran

Ujungpandang ( Dreamland Library ) - The Bugis in South Sulawesi, adheres to a belief in the Gods of Seuwae (the Only God). "The Bug...

History of Balinese Dance - 1400 AD

Denpasar (Dreamland Library) - In Bali, dance has become an inseparable part of the sacred rituals of Hindu Dharma. Some experts believe that Balinese dance originates from an older dance tradition from Java. Reliefs from temples in East Java from the 14th century display crowns and headdresses similar to the headdress used in Balinese dance today. This shows the continuity of extraordinary traditions that have been unbroken for at least 600 years.

Some sacred and sacred dances may only be performed at certain religious ceremonies. Each Balinese dance has its own uses, ranging from sacred dance to religious rituals that can only be danced in temples, dances that tell stories and popular legends, to dance greetings and respect for guests such as pendet dance. Mask dances are also very popular in Java and Bali, generally taking Panji stories that can be traced back to the history of the 12th century Kediri Kingdom. The famous types of mask dance are the Cirebon mask dance and the Balinese mask.

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Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture