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Relations between Java and Israel

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Zwolle Synagogue
Windesheim The Synagogue Manager Ingrid Petiet welcomed the group from Emha & Kiai Kanjeng, Noe Letto, to join the visit. After a short talk, the group was immediately guided into the synagogue room and, like a tourist guide, Ingrid painfully explained the rooms inside.

Sometimes there are also small dialogues between Ingrid and Cak Nun and Noe Letto which makes the conversation more interesting.

Zwolle seems to have diverse community characteristics, and until now has consistently maintained social security, because in that region there are various ethnicities such as Turkish, Moroccan, and many more.

In 2003 Sianagog Zwolle sent his leaders to participate in a dialogue program of three religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) in the city of Zwolle. With the spirit of love, Cak Nun and his entourage were present, bringing with them a sense of friendship and tolerance that are highly valued.

Ingrid seemed to want to convince the group that he as the organizer of the Synagogue did not agree with the various issues and negative connotations against the Jews.

As a Jew this disturbed him and wanted to show the spirit of peace that he could also create as a Jewish people. Ingrid believes that there are many similarities between the three holy religions in the world, namely Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

He then gave an example of the greeting spoken by adherents of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is from the same word; GREETINGS, the difference is only in the dialect of the speaker.

Cak Nun added Ingrid's opinion that in Islam, greetings means "I pledge that you are safe and not threatened with me. The fact that we can dialogue with an atmosphere of peace is also an expression of the word salama, shalom.

Javanese and Jewish English then invited the group to enter another room which they considered sacred. Rarely do guests have the opportunity to enter this room, who knows on what basis Ingrid invited us to get to know the place of worship.

In this room all male visitors are required to wear Jewish hats, as is Kiai Kanjeng except for Cak Nun, who still wears the white Kopyah of her Maiyah.

Every room looks manicured, clean, until a special place is welcome to sit and return to dialogue with a more focused topic. Ingrid tells the story of three of Israel's sons, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, all three of whom are considered to be the forerunners of the nation of Israel.

Jacob is often also called Israel, and then one of his 12 children is preserved as a Jewish identity, Jew of the name Judah.

This statement was immediately received quite well from Cak Nun, he even revealed the need for a serious and comprehensive research into the possibility of a historical relationship between Javanese and Jews. Because when spoken, the two words are almost the same in pronunciation.

Java-Jaffa, Javanese-Jewish. Please note that there are many cities in Israel that use the word Jaffa as important areas, for example Jaffa Tel aviv and many more.

Cak Nun also pointed out several things that found indications of Javanese "involvement" in certain parts of the Jewish area.

Like getting a very valuable information Ingrid looks surprised and very captivated by the exposure of Cak Nun. He considered it a historical phenomenon that should not be ignored, then he also agreed with the proposed research.

One of the Cak Nun missions in the Synagogue seems to provoke a search effort that if properly realized could become a new history of the development of modern human civilization now.


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