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Borobudur Temple - 800 AD

Borobudur Temple (337 - 422 AD) already existed when F-Huan came to the Land of Java Jakarta ( DreamLandLibrary ) - Borobudur is ...


The Franchise Traders from Arabia went to the East (Nusantara)
Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - Frankincense in the Old Testament (PL) translated from the Hebrew word לבונה - LEBONAH / LEVONAH (Hebrew lexicon: frankincense, a) a white resin burned as fragrant incense, 1) ceremonially, 2) personally, 3) used in compounding the holy incense) root word "LABAN" (Hebrew lexicon: White).

Mur or Myrrh
This word also relates to an area called Lebanon (Hebrew, לבנון - LEBANON, Lexicon: Lebanon = "whiteness", a wooded mountain range on the northern border of Israel)


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Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture