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Kingdom of Singapore Originally from the Kingdom of Cirebon

Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - Cultural Cirebon, Nurdin M. Noer explained that the kingdom of Singapore, estimated to stand around the 12th century. This can be seen from some of the artifacts found around the Lawang Gedhe site in Mertasinga Village, which are estimated to have been made around the 12th century. Singapore is one of the small kingdoms whose territory is in the vicinity of Gunungjati Subdistrict (currently), and was a kingdom in the early days before the Cirebon Kingdom was established.

The Kingdom of Singapore experienced its peak during the reign of Ki Jumajan Jati or better known as Ki Ageng Tapa in 1401. Where based on historical records written by P. Arya Carbon Raja Giyanti (P. Roliya Martakusuma), at that time the port of Muara Jati got a large fleet visit from China led by Cheng Hwa. This indicates that this port was a popular port in his day.

Where at that time this port already had a tower (lighthouse) on the hill teak amparan. So it is not surprising that throughout the day many trading ships unload cargo. Moreover, this port already has facilities for transit, to fill fresh water, also to repair damaged ships in the shipyard. In addition, Cirebon at that time was also known to have a sufficient supply of teak wood.

Which now must be further investigated, what is the relationship with Singapore and Singhapura in Cirebon which incidentally has an older age than the State of Singapore.

The Singapore area was formerly called Temasek, in Malay terms meaning "Swamp Forest", this is a reference to the old name Ujong Island / Singapore Island. Before changing its name to Singapore in the 14th century, the country or region was known as Temasek. While the word Temasek itself is taken from the Javanese language (Old) tumasik which means "Resembling the Sea".

So it is not surprising that Encik Yusof bin Ishak - the First President of Singapore is an Indonesian.

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