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The Origin of Languages ​​in the World

Lingua Franca
Hamburg (Dreamland Library) - Archipelago is the beginning of civilization that has been proven by many. With a variety of evidence and theories, ranging from the Lost Continent of Atlantis to various theories.

For a long time I want to try to prove from the side of language, that the Archipelago is "The Origin of Human Language in the World"

Having heard from a language professor in Hamburg, on one occasion, he said that Javanese is the most complete social language in the world.

In the conversation also discussed the greatness of other languages, such as:

  • German is the most complete language in the technical worl
  • French is a good language for love
  • Italian is the most delicious language for song poetry and music
  • While English is only an international language that is used, the distribution is the result of colonialism.

From this Professor's statement, I conclude, that of all the advantages of all the languages ​​mentioned above, my provisional hypothesis is that Javanese is the Origin of Human Language in the World.

Plus on Google there is a translation or search facility with Javanese, making me even more convinced, that Javanese is the root of the natural language that appeared first.

Another reason is that the use of language starts from the interaction of at least two people. And the rest is called association.

So the Origin of Human Language, because it takes communication between humans.

From the above hypothesis, then I began to look for corroborating evidence.

I began with the theory of language about 2,500 years BC, there was a migration by Austronesian Speakers from Taiwan to the Philippines, then south, and Indonesia (Returning to the Village), and east to the Pacific. They are the ancestors of the tribes in the Nusantara region.

While Hominid was found on the island of Java in Prehistoric Period - 1,998,100 BC. As humans they will certainly interact, and communicate using language, whatever the language.

Therefore, it can be said that "The Origins of Human Language in the World" must be from the Archipelago, or Indonesia, or from Java, or starting from the Javanese language.

Origin of Indonesian
When I went to Taiwan to meet Australian people, it looked like they were using Indonesian, but dressed in Chinese style.

And the theory of the spread of Austronesian languages ​​that I remember the most is, the further the language is from its roots, the less its vocabulary.

With the theory of spreading the language mentioned above, then if we look at the number of vocabularies, also the languages ​​that exist in Indonesia, then the origin of the language can be said to be from Indonesia or the Archipelago.

Easy Indonesian
If we pay attention, how easy it is for foreigners to learn Indonesian.

I can give an example, the number of foreign soccer players coming to Indonesia, less than 3 months, they are fluent in Indonesian.

While I lived in Germany for years, I still couldn't speak German.

The ease of Indonesian proves, that Indonesian Language is the Origin of Language which processes naturally, becoming a simple Language.

Indonesian phonetics is represented by Javanese

Phonetic when speaking Javanese, no native phonetic speakers sound

Youtube :

Let us watch and then listen to the YouTube video above, without us seeing the speaker, do we feel that he is not Javanese, or rather we feel that the speaker is a native Javanese.

When I studied phonetics with friends from various countries, none of them did not leave a trace of their mother tongue. So that nothing can be perfect, it sounds like the speaker is really German. Likewise with my experience, while studying phonetics in the country of Taiwan, etc.

But by listening to the video above, I personally am a Javanese, feel and hear the voice of the Londo people above, exactly the original Javanese.
  • The Origin of Indonesian Language Language spread proves that Indonesian Language is the native language or as the root of the Austronesian language. This is evidenced from the rich vocabulary in the archipelago. So the Austronesian language returned home to the archipelago.
  • Easy Indonesian Language Easy Indonesian language is learned and applied by all nations of the World. Proving Indonesian is a Simple Language, as simple as the process of human communication at first.
  • Indonesian phonetics Phonetically, when I studied English, German, Japanese and Chinese. No one can match the language. Surely the one who listens without seeing the face of the speaker, still recognizes that the speaker is a foreign speaker, because it is not his mother tongue.
With the three variables above, it can be concluded that "The Origins of Human Language in the World" is Javanese, which then metamorphoses into Indonesian.

Sapto Satrio Mulyo

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