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A map of the newly discovered archipelago shows the center of rotation of the earth.

Writer, researcher, lover of Nuswantara culture (Nusantara Raya-Universe Dunia). Now very excited to rediscover the Ancestor's Trace and study the history of Science, Technology and Knowledge of Ancestors, if possible write it down. Ancestors who left their mark that the Archipelago is the Origin of World Civilization.

The history of the archipelago is the history of the glorious land, well-ordered. A country founded by Gods / Goddesses so that the Archipelago is a miniature of heaven, where the Gods reign and rejoice.

Because the archipelago is so special that its name is spread throughout the world. The place where all plants grow, spices abound. Until Plato also wrote it with the name Atlantis. Yes ... Atlantis is here a country that is sought after Westerners stopped in India and then arrived in Indonesia later. Because the West knew India first then they considered India to influence "Indonesia" when it was the opposite. Hindustan is one of the districts of the Parent Kingdom in the Archipelago (Magadha in Bandung)

The history of the archipelago which until now has been entered and taught to all students in the archipelago, and also the world of education "Indonesia" is still history by the colonial (read Dutch colonialists and the system and contents of history textbooks from the Anglo Saxon country). For that now, starting in 2011, it is time and time for the Indonesian Nation, from the Archipelago from Sabang to Merauke, or the universe to claim back the glory of the Archipelago, perhaps starting from History before the Majapahit Kingdom collapsed, Nusantara History before 1511.
Among the things that should be claimed by the glory of the archipelago is to open and explore the evidence of the relics of the kingdoms that were victorious in the past, and to transform back science in the past, so that Indonesia could return to Jaya.

1. The archipelago is not influenced by India, but vice versa. In ancient times, India- (Hindustan) was one of the duchy of the kingdom in the archipelago.

2. Puppet is the history of the life of the king and the people in the archipelago of old, Real Story and not Philosophy. Puppets are artificial and created by the King in the archipelago since the last century. That is the genius of the Archipelago's Patriarchs in preserving his story and history. Puppet is not from India. Ramayana happens here, Poncowati is the location of the Rama palace and Majelengka is the Rahwana palace.

3. Gatot Kaca is actually able to fly and the Gatot Kaca palace is in Sulawesi.

4. The big kingdom in Java is not only Majapahit.

The Majapahit palace moved, because the new king would establish the palace when he became king and glorified the ancestral palace or before.

5. Stop Pajajararan kingdom in West Java, Pajajaran is only a small kingdom. The big kingdom in West Java is the kingdom of Galuh with its King Mahaprabu Siliwangi or Sang Mahaprabu Suryakencana with his kingdom as far as Ujung Galuh (Surabaya)

6. Stop Sriwijaya's kingdom in Sumatra. The big kingdom in Sumatra was Matswapati, which was the Kingdom of the Mother of its time. `

7. Sanskrit is the native language of the archipelago with the Pallawa Letters taught by Dewa / i and Batara / Batari. Indian sanctions are young Sanskrit. The names of places, villages in Sanskrit are spread all over the world, which are in the Sanskrit Archipelago but not as sanitary as Indian as Dahana (in Africa and Polandai), Selo Bimo is in Russia.

Atlantis is the Duchy of the Archipelago whose power and fragrance of his name spread to foreign countries, with the Queen of Kanjeng Ratu Kidul or Nimas Pagedongan, Nimas Angin-angin (She is the Princess of Mahaprabu Aji Jayabaya). Signs of the Age have begun to occur, temples, and ancestral relics in the underground will be revealed. The prediction of the Mahaprabu Aji Jayabaya is true. Disasters around the world. The appearance of the Archipelago's valuable works that were previously thought only existed in Egypt, in the archipelago pyramid spread everywhere. In Egypt, because the king cannot be Moksa, he is down to earth.

The kings and queens and the people of the archipelago in the past did not leave a grave trail because he was Moksa. The above points can be proven and will be proven by the discovery and excavation of various Kingdom Relics throughout the Archipelago.

Cetho and Penataran Temples are stories of the greatness of the archipelago ... That the Mayan Indians were subject to the archipelago ... Again, let's revive the spirit together, return to the Doctrine of Ancestors, glorify the ancestors who had built the archipelago.

Avoid damage to the relics and evidence of the work of the ancestors.

Stop insulting practices that worship Ancestors with the procedures taught by Ancestors, that is, incense and offerings.

Stop mentioning ancestral teachings as Animism, because the history of the Archipelago is filled with self-insulting terms, dwarfing the nation as a fruit of colonialism. Animism is a term used by Westerners who do not understand and understand that there are ways of communication with ancestors, spirits, spirits, there are rules and can.

The source of information was the findings of the Team Turangga Seta, who had carried out fieldwork to the ancestral sites. What distinguishes Turangga Seta from historians or archaeologists is NOT TO USE LITERATURE interpretations of other parties / especially from the Netherlands. Instead it reads directly from original inscriptions (Pallawa letters and Sanskrit) that are not from India or translations from the Dutch. The literature used includes Fiber Kandabuana and communication from Direct Ancestors.

Turangga Seta can get information from or Group:

Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture