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Until 1 Year BC and Before

Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - Ridwan Saidi, a Betawi historian during a visit to the Buni Site in the Babelan District together with the Bhagasasi Community Family Agency (BKMB), revealed that the Segara Pasir Kingdom was the original kingdom of Bekasi long before the Tarumanegara Kingdom was believed to be the first kingdom in Bekasi.

According to Ridwan, before Christ in the Pasundan tatar there were 46 ancient kingdoms, one of which was Segara Pasir, which established its administrative center in the coastal area of ​​the North Coast of Bekasi. The culture of the Kingdom of Segara Pasir, said Ridwan, was influenced by Ancient Egypt (Egypt), it can be seen from the beads that are found around the Buni Site.

He said, Site Buni is a receipt cemetery complex. So it is not surprising, if until now residents are still easy to find a number of ancient objects, such as beads, spears, jewelry, and bones. In fact, in the 1950s - 1980s, the Buni Site became a "Paradise" for treasure hunters.

Ridwan added, Tarumanegara is a kingdom that likes to wage war by occupying small kingdoms to take advantage. The existence of Tarumanegara in Segara Pasir, he continued, only established a kind of military base to collect tribute or tax from each trade transaction and its natural wealth.

Source: Antara

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