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Hoax: Brawijaya V converted to Islam

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Mojokerto (Dreamland Library) - Defeating and destroying a nation without having to fight, is to mislead the history of the nation, which is its enemy.

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The question is whether Arabs see Indonesia as an enemy, the same question can be asked, do other countries also see Indonesia as an enemy.

The answer, is not a matter of enemies or not enemies, but they want to control our natural resources, for the prosperity of their people. So in all sorts of ways (machiavellian), until how dare they claim that they are "Defenders of God" - while if they pray, they still ask to be protected by God.

Before reading "Brawijaya V converted to Islam", you need to keep in mind, why the Dream Land Team is very concerned about the need for the purity of Nusantara History

This is how they destroy our nation:
First, they obscured, misled, and confused the history of the archipelago
Second, they decide on knowledge about Our Ancestors
Third, they fabricated New History

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  • Engineering Story Brawijawa V converted to IslamVersion 1 - As if based on "Babad Tanah Jawi" that, Prabu Brawijaya V had embraced Islam, so that at the end of its glory, Majapahit became an Islamic kingdom. By reconstructing fragments: Prabu Brawijaya V stated that he would embrace Islam, upon the arrival of two big guests, Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim and King Cermain at the Majapahit Palace while still in power.
  • Version 2 - Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim (a Turkish scholar) and King Cermain came to introduce Islam to him, in the group there was Dewi Sari, the daughter of King Cermain of the beautiful Campa. After hearing the explanation of the two guests, Brawijaya V was willing to become a convert as long as he could marry Dewi Sari.
  • Version 3 - Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim advised King Majapahit to discourage him from becoming a Muslim, if only because he could marry Dewi Sari. In the end, Sheikh Maulana Malik Ibrahim together with a group of Turkish scholars said goodbye to leave Majapahit without bringing results.
  • Version 4 - Efforts to convert Islam Prabu Brawijaya V were also carried out by his own family from the queen, Ratu Dewi Dwarawati who was a Muslim to her own children and their Muslim concubines.
  • Version 5 - As if based on "Darmogandul Fiber" Brawijaya V at the end of his power was converted by Sunan Kalijaga. After the departure of the Word of Palon and Naya Genggong, then Prabu Brawijaya V at the end of his power was converted by Sunan Kalijaga.
While the Word of Palon and Naya Genggong are not human figures, therefore people who understand, say that they are just a title, not a human figure and so ... So how could you die :)

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People Who Failed to Islamize Brawijaya V
  • Ratu Dewi Dwarawati The Empress who has a child Ratu Ayu Handayaningrat, Dewi Chandrawati, Raden Jaka Peteng, Raden Mati (Sunan Lawu Argopura), and Panembahan Brawijaya Bondhan Surati always repeatedly invited Brawijaya V to embrace Islam but always failed.
  • Raden Rahmat alias Sunan Ampel (Dewi Chandrawati's husband), his son-in-law, was also unable to melt Brawijaya V's obstinacy to maintain his old religion.
  • Sheikh Jamaluddin Jumadil Kubra, a Great Ulama from Bukhara (Southern Russia), also tried to preach to the King, but to no avail.
  • Raden Arya Damar (Duke of Palembang), his own crown son who also failed to convert Brawijaya V.
  • Pangeran Jimbun alias Raden Patah, a child of Brawijaya V from Dewi Kian's concubine, who often preaches to the Kanjeng, but always fails.
King Brawijaya's obstinacy was suspected because of his witness two of his advisers, namely the Word of Palon and Naya Genggong who always accompanied him, and prevented him from converting to Islam.

Sunan Kalijaga is Sunan Ampel's son-in-law, married to Dewi Khafshah (daughter of Sunan Ampel and Dewi Chandrawati). Therefore, Sunan Kalijaga is still the grandson of the King Brawijaya V.
Vital Records :
  • Our Sengkretis and Virtuous Ancestors lost only by the hypocrites' deception.
  • So that it is time for Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong to make promises, we children and grandchildren can no longer be fooled by the deception of the hypocrites who dress in religion.
  • It has never been told in history, when we were in school before, that the entry of Islam into the Land of Java turned out to be a truly incredible story.

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The Purpose of Historical Lying:
  • So that they can refer to Majapahit as the Sultanate, which in reality until now, Majapahit remains a Kingdom, and not the Sultanate.
  • If they succeed in saying that Majapahit is the Sultanate, then they will say that the struggle in the Archipelago is an Islamic struggle, so it is not wrong if they will push for the enactment of the "Jakarta Charter"
  • In fact up to now, there are still many Great Sultanates, which in fact they only pretend to be the empire. Because the entry of Islam at that time was so cruel.
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Source: From various sources and discussions with children and grandchildren of Brawijaya V
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Also read: Sabdo Palon & Naya Genggong Nagih Janji

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