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Forecast King Prabu Siliwangi VIII

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Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - Prabu Siliwangi VIII's prediction, commonly referred to by Sundanese people as "Uga Wangsit Prabu Siliwangi"

Like the Javanese people who adhere to some predictions, such as Jayabaya, Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong (1,413 AD - 1,478 AD).

It is time for us all to return to the local wisdom of the leaders of the Nusantara kingdoms. One of them was King Siliwangi VIII, the last King of Padjajaran (1,567 AD - 1,579 AD).

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Maybe we can read Uga Wangsit Prabu Siliwangi VIII, which is believed to be conveyed in one of his predictions, when the Padjajaran Kingdom was increasingly pressed from the attacks of the Banten and Demak Islamic kingdoms, he also said, among others:

"Our journey only reaches today. Even if you remain loyal to me, I cannot take you to live in misery, in tatters, and endure hunger (figurative words before he departs Moksa / Ngahiyang).

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You now have to choose the good for yourself, in the face of future life, so that one day you can live happy, prosperous, and prosperous.

So that one day you can revive the ever glorious Padjajaran.

Now you have to choose, I give the order. I don't think it deserves to be the King, while all my people are hungry, miserable, and difficult.

I will not obstruct you, because I gave the order for you to choose. Whoever joins me, please gather in the South (Tegal Buleud, Sukabumi - at that time the center of Padjajaran's power in Pakuan-Bogor, was taken over by Banten, which was allied with Demak, and also Mataram).

At that time, the alliance of the two Banten-Demak Islamic kingdoms became stronger, and controlled the entire North Coast of Java.

Another prediction from King Siliwangi VIII, the desire to return to the city of memories, please gather to the North. You must know that there will be no city to go to.

Many of you will become ordinary people, and if there are any of you who hold office, even though they are high, they have no power.

What is meant by the North by King Siliwangi VIII geographically is Sunda Kelapa Harbor, which he described in the forecast correctly.

You (followers of King Siliwangi VIII who chose to move to the North), there will be many guests coming from far away, but that guest will only trouble you. You will only be pitted against sheep, for their sake.

When Padjajaran middle will be parallel again in the midst of the existing power at that time. All members of the group wish to make a fortune of wealth resulting from incorrect results. Nobody likes the truth and goodness.

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Later your time will come from your group which will be the leader to rebuild the Sundanese nation, which seems to be interpreted geologically / geographically / geopoitically, not Sundanese in terms of Ethnicity.

If we look at a variety of literature that studies the archipelago geologically / geographically / geopolitically, then there are two terms. Big Sunda and Little Sunda.
  • Consists of Java, Madura, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.
  • Lesser Sundas consist of Bali, East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, and Maluku.
From the research conducted by E. Rokajat Asura in his book, which launched on the Interpretation of the Silangsangi Wangsit and Kebangkita Nusantara, has the same view. That in the context of the Greater Sunda and Lesser Sundas, the forecast of King Siliwangi VIII must be placed. Not Sundanese in an ethnic context.

So what is meant by East and West, is not geographically in the archipelago, but looks at events that began in the 17th century until Indonesia became independent on August 17, 1945, that we were colonized by the Dutch, Portuguese and British (people from the West). But we have also been colonized by Japan in 1942-1945 (people from the East).

At present, global competition between the US and China in the Asia-Pacific region is intense. While Indonesia's position in the context of the Great Sunda and the Lesser Sunda in a geographical perspective, is clearly the target of the struggle for influence, and the Proxy War between the two of them.

Meaning contextually, Prabu Siliwangi VIII's prediction in Wangsit Siliwangi is very accurate.

How the Indonesian people (Big Sunda and Sunda Keci) have been targeted by the duo of the US Duo (United States - West and Saudi Arabia - Middle East) + China (East Asia)

King Siliwangi had already predicted it geo-politically.

In closing, the Tanah Impian Team saw strong indicators that could be translated from Uga Wangsit Prabu Siliwangi VIII

The point of the forecast is so that we can find a solution, not to surrender. (Message from Mojopahit's grandchildren)

When Siliwangi VIII's grandchildren join hands with Prabu Brawijaya V's grandchildren, Nusantara or Indonesia will rule the world.

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