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Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong Collect Promises

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Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - Is it time for Sabdo Palon to Collect Promises?

The reason why the Tanah Impian team wrote this article was because of the future of Indonesia, which was also predicted by William H. Buiter *, Chief Economist Citigroup and 50 economists released a global economist's prediction entitled "Global Growth Generators (3G): Moving beyond emerging markets".

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Sabdo Palon, known as a spiritual advisor in the Land of Java, and also as a true Javanese guide, is embodied in many different bodies or bodies in each generation.

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While another character who is often associated with Sabdo Palon is Naya Genggong, who is a duet to be a magical guide who manifests itself. So it is not surprising that they both often accompanied the Javanese kings in the past.

May we agree that Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong are not just figures, but are titles, so we illustrate the wayang behavior.

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Before reading "Sabdo Palon Nagih Janji", you need to keep in mind, why the Dream Land Team is very concerned about the need for the purity of Nusantara History

This is how they destroy our nation:

First: They obscure, mislead, and disrupt the history of the archipelago
Second: They make up a New History
Third: They decide on knowledge about Our Ancestors
Fourth: They colonize, and deplete our natural resources

The history of the archipelago becomes new, with their new history making us no longer know who our ancestors are, so as if we are not entitled to our own natural resources. (Sapto Satrio Mulyo Adi)

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Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong are titles that are given in accordance with the character of the tasks assigned to each, namely:
  • Sabdo Palon, "sabdo" means someone who gives input / teachings, and "palon" means the truth that reverberates in the Universe. So "Sabdo Palon" means as a servant who dares to speak the truth to the King, and dares to bear the consequences.
  • Naya Genggong, "naya" means nayaka / servant of the king, and "genggong" means repeating sound. So "Naya Genggong" means a servant who dares to remind the King repeatedly about the truth, and dares to bear the consequences.
Some say, Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong became known during the reign of Ratu Tribhuwana Tunggadewi (Mother of Hayam Wuruk), and remained faithful as a spiritual advisor until the leadership of King Brawijaya V.

Previously, Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong were better known as Sapu Angin and Sapu Jagad.

Sabdo Palon is widely told in the Sepanjang Panjang Jayabaya Sabdo Palon, also known as the Panjang Sabdo Palon, which is believed to be the work of poet R. Ng. Ranggawarsita.

Many people who are interpreters or translators of Sabdo Palon's messages or thoughts deliberately direct the results of their translations or inventions for the benefit of their class. (EW) Therefore, not surprisingly, the group has an interest in disguising its true intentions, and even deliberately to mislead.

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Sydoanya Sabdo Palon predicted the point of destruction of the 666 Worshipers who happened to be in the archipelago, and did not explicitly mention the name of the religion in question. This is because, 666 worshipers do not exist in the archipelago as a religion that exists as a religion with the teachings of God.

The Destruction Point of Worshipers 666, is at the same time the point of revival of Local Religion with its Local Wisdom.

The prediction of the destruction of the 666 Worship Religion was actually also predicted by his Prophet, that the Religion was not an eternal Religion, and would be destroyed in due course.

If we are sensitive to see the phenomena that occur around us, then we will also see, the many followers of 666 worshipers who have now returned to their original religion.

The fiber was written as a prediction of the destruction of the 666 Devotees from within themselves, who were in the archipelago, within a period of 500 years + 4 epochs, counting from the loss of prestige of the Majapahit Kingdom.

However, poetry in the term Sabdo Palon is often twisted by interest groups, or Religious Worshipers 666 worshipers, so they want to throw stones in hiding hands.

With writings that mention a certain religion explicitly, which actually is not the religion in question, the authors who mention religion explicitly, in fact they want to pit sheep, among adherents of religions in the archipelago.

The figure of religion is actually the Religion of Worship 666

Furthermore, the 666 Worshipers do not want to know about their movements, or they want to accelerate the stupidity of religious groups that have an EFFECTIVENESS, and not a REVIEWER.

While adherents of the 666 Worshipers, cover themselves in a stereotypical religion. They are like fruit, which have different color and skin.

There is a stanza at the end of the Fiber Term of Sabdo Palon. This is known as "Sabdo Palon Nagih Janji". Where Sabdo Palon tells the social signs, and signs of Nature that will appear in the days of his return later.

Seeing a variety of important events, which we cannot explain here (not public consumption), it seems that the promises that were billed, will actually be paid without any fuss, riots, or excitement.

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That is because Nature has already given signs of its support, even supernatural assistance from outside the archipelago too, now (early 2020) has proven its existence in Indonesia.

The absence of riots because, the children and grandchildren, assisted by loyalists to dispel the machevelian tactics of the middle east, not to fall again in the same hole, even though the machevelians have metamorphosed in the form of wadag and other tactics.

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It's good, we still pay attention to these fibers for reflection, study, and at the same time knowing how cunning the machevelians are.

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In addition there are also utterances in the fiber, which supposedly predicted the occurrence of end-time riots, namely:

Miturut carita kuna,
wecane janma linuwih,
kang wus kocap aneng jangka,
manungsa sirna sepalih,
dene ta kang bisa urip
yekti ana saratipun,
karya nulak kang bebaya,
kalisse bebaya yekti,
ngulatana kang wineca para kuna.

(Free translation: According to ancient stories of spiritual ancestors, all the stories that the ancestors shared were written in the Book of Life. In the future mankind will be extinct half the total number of people who live on earth. work and work to keep yourself out of trouble.

In addition to the above poems, also Sabdo Palon's periodic predictions of the eruption of Mt.

Sanget-sangeting sangsara,
Kang tumuwuh tanah Jawi,
Sinengkalan taunira,
Lawang Sapta Ngesthi Aji,
Upami nabrang kali,
Prapteng tengah-tengahipun,
Kaline banjir bandang,
Jerone nyilepake jalmi,
Kathah sirna manungsa kathah pralaya.

(Free translation: Very miserable, arising in Java, marked in the year Nine-Eight Eighth. It is like crossing a river, to the middle of it, where the floods flood. It drowns people.

For those who know how to read Natural passwords, the above poem has passwords that are legible.

While the prediction of the Naya Genggong Balloon Balance, which already occurred, erupted at Mount Merapi in 2010, this is related to the promise of the Naya Genggong Balloon before the moksha,

This is where we can calculate the above predictions based on 500 years + 4 times.

The common priori (year) count in Javanese calendar is eighteen (eight years). If so, 4 times multiplies by 8, meaning 32, so the signal erupted at Mount Merapi 32 years later.

Hardi agung-agung samya,
Huru-hara nggêgirisi,
Gumalêgêr swaranira,
Lahar wutah kanan kering,
Ambleber angêlêbi,
Nrajang wana lan desagung,
Manungsanya keh brastha,
Kêbo sapi samya gusis,
Sirna gêmpang tan wontên mangga puliha.

Gunung berapi semua,
Huru hara mengerikan,
Menggelegar suaranya,
Lahar tumpah kekanan dan kekirinya,
Menerjang hutan dan perkotaan,
Manusia banyak yang tewas,
Kerbau dan Sapi habis,
Sirna hilang tak bisa dipulihkan lagi.

It is possible to say that the Jayabaya Fiber Word Word Palon is a literary work, where the written and written verse by verse can be used as a study material, if you were born, and raised in Java, which is certainly also bloody Java ..

In closing, the Land of Dreams team saw a strong indicator of what happened in 2004, where the original (now a sovereign state) of the 666 worshipers, had evidently made a statement explaining and emphasizing their existence, that they really as a group of devil worshipers.

The purpose of the predictions is that we can find a solution, not a surrender. (Message from a great-grandson of Mojropait)

When the Grandson of VIII Grandson in arms with the King's Grandson of Brawijaya V, the Archipelago or Indonesia will rule the world.

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