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Reversal of the Meaning of Crocodile

Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - All this time, a good person will feel insulted when he is said to be a crocodile. Because the connotation made in Indonesia is a Playboy.

Several times I was assigned to study abroad (Europe and Asia), and I asked foreign students in my school environment, they did not know the meaning of Crocodile as a Playboy, if Rabbit as a Playboy they agreed, because of a Married.

This is one of the creations of logic friction into Indonesian society by, of course, Foreign Parties (Can Be the West Nation, Be the Middle East Nation, Can Be the East Asian Nation). In plain view what's in it? Indeed not seen.

However, in the long run the process will create the logic of this nation that is not in line with reality, or even mimic the behavior of labeling itself.

An easy example, there is a tribe in Indonesia that carries the crocodile symbol as loyalty, this is applied at the marriage proposal event, where they carry the crocodile bread symbol, as a symbol of loyalty. But they are precisely the targets of infiltration of the foreign nation. The result, now they have the title "Married".

In fact, Crocodiles are the most loyal animals, because they only have one partner in their lifetime. Therefore, the Betawi people bring "Crocodile Bread" in the marriage proposal program, because the hope is "Faithful and Living Semati".

Here, logic friction occurs. Where people should be proud if they say they are "Faithful" like Crocodiles.

Next, please look at yourself ....

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