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Sumatra - Golden Island

Map of Suwarnadwipa
Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - In various inscriptions, the island of Sumatra is called by the Sanskrit name: Suwarnadwipa ("golden island") or Suwarnabhumi ("golden land"). These names have been used in Indian texts before Christ. Sumatra is also known as the island of Andalas.

During the 18th Dynasty of the Pharaohs in Egypt (around 1,567 BC-1,339 BC), on the west coast of the island of Sumatra there was a busy port, named Barus. Barus (Lobu Tua - Tapanuli area) is estimated to have existed since 3000 years before Christ. Barus is known for being the place of origin of camphor. It turns out camphor or camphor was used as one of the preservatives of ancient Egyptian pharaoh's mummy.

Besides Barus, in Sumatra there are also other ancient kingdoms. An Ancient Jewish manuscript tells us the source of the gold stock to foster the city state of the Kingdom of the Prophet Solomon was taken from an ancient kingdom in the Far East called Ophir.

It is possible that Ophir is in West Sumatra.

In West Sumatra there is Mount Ophir.

Mount Ophir (also known as G. Talamau) is one of the highest mountains in West Sumatra, located in the Pasaman area.

Reportedly the largest gold region in Sumatra is in the Kingdom of Minangkabau. According to ancient sources, in the kingdom there are high mountains and contain gold.

It is said that the center of the Minangkabau Kingdom is located in the middle of gold excavations. The gold produced was then exported from a number of ports, such as Kampar, Indragiri, Pariaman, Rat, Barus, and Pedir.

On the island of Sumatra, Srivijaya Kingdom was also established which later developed into the first major kingdom in the archipelago which had influence extending to Thailand and Cambodia to the north, to Maluku to the east.

Now the mineral wealth contained in Sumatra is widely mined.

Many types of minerals found on the island of Sumatra in addition to gold. Sumatra has a variety of mining materials, such as coal, gold and lead.

It is not impossible that actually mining materials such as gold and many others have not been found on the island of Sumatra.

Some people believe that the island of Sumatra actually contains a lot of gold apart from what is found now. If that is true then the island of Sumatra will be known as the golden island again.


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