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Atlantis - 9600 Years BC

Manado (Dreamland Library) - According to Santos, the sinking of the Atlantis continent took place around 11,600 years ago. This event caused the disappearance of Atlantis, and destroyed around 20 million inhabitants, who at that time had adopted modern culture.

Meanwhile residents who can still survive save themselves by boat. Migration events with this boat, also depicted in the symbols of ancient Egyptian tribes, Inca Maya Aztecs and some ancient traditions.

Because of the magnitude of these events, the Pleistocene ice age which took place for several thousand years ended. The ice that had covered the majority of the earth's surface melted because it was covered with ash.

Ashes were the result of the eruption of the Hercules pillar which, after further researching literally, especially Plato's work, according to Santos, the so-called "Pillar" was the mountain "Krakatau Purba". The other pillar of Hercules is the mountain "Dempo".

The size of the Krakatoa eruption resulted in the division of Java and Sumatra (which was once an island). The Krakatau incident, like a giant fountain that spewed water into the sky, created massive rains and storms, resulting in a Tsunami, melting Ice, thus raising the sea level to about 200 meters.

This resulted in Atlantis sinking around 150 - 200 meters below the surface of the water ..

Some features mentioned by Santos, from Plato's written literature are as follows:

Atlantis is in the tropics with warm temperatures, harvests grains twice a year, the land is very fertile. As for the evidence that the sinking is only in the range of 200 meters, is believed by Santos from the Indonesian Bathymetry map which has shallow waters around the islands, especially Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.

Santos's conviction, that the location of Atlantis was the one in Indonesia, became even stronger, was after the massive tsunami that struck Aceh 26 December 2004.

To prove this, Santos suggested, to conduct underwater research at a depth of 150-200 meters in Indonesian waters, especially in the Java ocean.

If indeed it is ultimately proven that Atlantis is Indonesia. According to Santos, this would overturn the claim of the Western world, especially Europe, that all Culture and Progress originated there.

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