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Regarding BPUPKI
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Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - On July 17, 1945, the BPUPKI (Indonesian Independence Preparatory Agency for Investigation) completed its trial and accepted the Draft Constitution.

From a historical perspective, it can be said that this is the first time that the Indonesian people have a "Basic State" and "Written Basic Legal Draft".

Furthermore BPUPKI tasks will be forwarded by PPKI (Indonesian Independence Preparatory Committee) which was formed to continue the BPUPKI tasks. Where the main task of PPKI is to discuss and ratify the draft Basic Law from BPUPKI. This historic event occurred on August 18, 1945.

PPKI is a body formed by Japan to answer Indonesia's promise of independence. This body was designed by Japan's Supreme Military Command at a secret meeting in Saigon, South Vietnam, on August 7, 1945.

"There Is No Free Lunch", that is a saying that is commonly known in a political and business joke. Behind the gift of Japan, Japan wants a guarantee of compensation for the independence granted. They want Indonesia to support Japan against Japan's enemies, who at that time was facing defeat, after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima City on August 6, 1945.

Therefore, Japan approached the nationalists from the old group, especially Sukarno. Marshal Terauchi, Commander in Chief of the Japanese Forces in Southeast Asia, secretly flew Bung Karno to Saigon to be appointed as chairman of the PPKI.

Sukarno was accompanied by Mohammad Hatta and Radjiman Wedyodiningrat, along with dozens of Japanese military authorities. In order, they were later appointed as chairpersons, deputy chairs and representatives of PPKI members.

According to Bung Karno's memory, before being told that one of the most important cities in Japan had been flattened due to the atomic bomb, neither he nor Hatta understood what Japan was planning.

Terauchi only told us that Tenno Heika (Emperor of Japan) gave up the process of full independence to the Indonesian people. For this reason, Terauchi agreed not to involve the Japanese in the PPKI.

Sukarno digested Terauchi's words and according to him the plan to proclaim independence, as well as ratifying the draft Basic Law which was the task of PPKI, had to be carried out slowly without bloodshed.

But after Sukarno, Mohammad Hatta and Radjiman Wedyodiningrat returned to Indonesia, PPKI members agreed to hold the first session on August 16, 1945.

The decision was taken, after determining the names of the management which consisted of 21 people. Where they consist of representatives from all regions of the archipelago.

Sukarno's intention to be cautious in planning independence won strong opposition from young people, such as Sutan Sjahrir, Wikana, and Chairul Saleh, openly opposed the soft attitude shown by the Sukarno-Hatta Dwitunggal. In fact, they began accusing Sukarno of being on the Japanese side.

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important information
  • July 17, 1945, BPUPKI completes its trial and accepts the Draft Constitution.
  • August 7, 1945 PPKI is formed by Japan to answer Indonesia's promise of independence, which was drafted by Japan's Supreme Military Command in a secret meeting in Saigon, South Vietnam.
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