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Uncover the Birthplace of the Red and White Saka

Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - Gunung Lawu, formerly known as Wukir Mahendra, located on the border of Karanganyar Regency, Central Java and Magetan, East Java, holds a million mysteries, which until now cannot be completely revealed for proud people.

Mount Lawu is precisely located on the border of Central Java and East Java. Javanese people of local wisdom, and not to the west and the Arab-araban, really believe that the peak of Lawu was the first kingdom in Java and is believed to have a mysterious magical world.

Mount Lawu is located right in the middle of the four corners of the cross.

Gunung Lawu is also a cultural center and spiritual activity of people on the island of Java. This is even more convincing because there is no coincidence, because if drawn in a straight line, Mount Lawu is parallel to the right pass with the Mangkunegara Temple, and not exactly at the Surakarta Palace of Kasunanan. As happened in the Ngayojokarto Palace which is aligned exactly with Mount Merapi.

Tikda is surprised by native people, and not those who claim to be native, Gunung Lawu is still a place for spiritual conduct of figures and statesmen. Since the time of the Palace until now. The Peak of the Dumilah Hargo is a sacred place that is often used for meditation, meditation or cultivating kebathinan, and asking for guidance from God.

It is common knowledge that almost all state officials often retreat by climbing the summit of Lawu. Since the era of the Bung Karno era, the first president of Indonesia did indeed often retreat or retreat in Lawu. Meanwhile, his successors, the last SBY 2013 last came here.

To climb to the top of Mount Lawu via the public route, you can go through Cemoro Sewu Magetan, or Cemoro Kandang in Karanganyar.

But there is also a special lane, namely through Blumbang, Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, from this lane, directly to the entrance of Pringgondani, this special lane already has a better block path.

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