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AD - Year 1 AD (The Birth of Jesus)

Mosaic of the Birth of Jesus Christ
Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - The Christian calendar is a calendar that began to be used by early Christians.

They use the year of Jesus' birth as the initial stepping year or 1 AD.

As for calculating the date and month, they used a Roman calendar system called the Julian calendar (which is inaccurate) which has been used since 45 BC.

This system began to be designed in 525 AD, but until the 11th century to the 14th century its use was not so widespread.

Furthermore, the calendar and month system of the Julian Calendar, was further refined in AD 1,582, later referred to as the Gregorian calendar.

Finally, this date is widely used in the world to facilitate communication.

In English, this CE is called "Anno Domini" / AD (Latin, meaning "The Year of Our Lord"). The term for AD is also known as CE from the synonym "Common Era" for the era of AD.

Because 1 CE is known as the year of Jesus Christ's birth, so before Christ it was called "Before Christ" / BC (before the birth of Jesus Christ), also called "Before Common Era" / BCE (Before the General Era).

This calendar system was just beginning to be introduced to the general public, by a monk named Dionysius Exiguus (or "Short Denis"), starting from being used to calculate the date of Easter (Computus), which is based on the founding year of Rome.

Then, because its use is increasingly popular, the dating system is also used by non-Christians, by using the abbreviations M (CE) and BC (BC), without referring to Christian connotation as the historical foundation of its use for the first time.

The dating system that refers to the beginning of the year of Christ began to be adopted in Western Europe during the 8th century.

Historians do not know year 0, year 1 AD is the first year of the Christian system, and exactly the year before was 1 BC.

While in terms of scientific / astronomical calculations, this poses a problem because the year before Christ was calculated using the number 0, therefore there is a difference of 1 year between the two systems.

On the other hand, experts date the birth of Jesus in various ways, from 18 BC to 7 BC.

While Dionysius Exiguus does not take into account the year 0 and the year when Emperor Augustus ruled the Roman Empire using the name Octavian.

Use in Indonesia
In Indonesia, besides the AD year that is used officially, the community is also unofficially familiar with the Javanese, Hijriyah / Islamic year, and also Chinese year / Chinese year.

the term AD uses the Latin Anno Domini / AD (the year of our Lord), and before Christ it is referred to as BC / Before Christ.

In 1422 AD, Portugal became the last European country to implement this calendar system. After that, all countries in the world began to participate, which recognized the use of this convention to facilitate communication.

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