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Year 1 AD and Beyond (Aki Tir)

! Masehi adalah Kelahiran Yesus Kristus
Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - Year 1 M is the same as Year 10,346 JID (Calculation of Javanese Year)

Jesus (Prophet Jesus) was born as a Prophet of Christian Religion or in other words, 1 AD is the year of the birth of Jesus Christ, which became the starting point for the calculation of the Christian Year.

Archipelago figures we can tell, that his birth was close to 1 CE, including:

ki Tirem (Salakanagara community elders), among others:

The Aki Tirem ancestor named Aki Bajulpakel settled in Swarnabumi (Sumatra) in the south, then Datuk Pawang Marga settled in the north of Swarnabumi and Datuk Banda settled in Langkasungka in India.

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Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture