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Oppenheimer: I Haven't See the Garut Pyramid

Garut Pyramid
Oppenheimer said, it is very possible that Indonesia is the lost Atlantis.

Genetician and human DNA structure from Oxford University, England, Stephen Oppenheimer, did not want to say much about the polemic of the Garut Pyramid. He claimed to have never seen it, so would not comment on it.

"I have not seen the Pyramid in Garut, I cannot comment on it," Oppenheimmer said after meeting President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the Presidential Office, Thursday, February 2, 2012.

According to him, it is very possible that Indonesia is the lost Atlantis. However, he does not have solid proof of that. "I didn't write (Pyramid of Garut and Atlantis) in my book. I didn't want to write it because I didn't know the proof," he said.

Ancient pyramids and monuments, Oppenheimmer said, are not sufficiently convincing as strong evidence of relics of the past. "I did not expect, but I could not say that I had not seen anything," he said.

Just to note that Gunung Sadahurip or Gunung Putri in Garut, West Java is now the center of attention. Because, it is believed, the hill is not just a pile of land, but it keeps a big secret: a pyramid.

According to estimates, its size and age exceeded the Giza Pyramid in Egypt. His height is estimated to reach 200 meters, he is around 10,000 years old. Whether or not the claim is true, it is still awaiting verification through the process of excavation.

To prove the allegation that the Garut pyramid is a relic of ancient times, a number of studies have been carried out on Mount Sadahurip and Mount Padang, including through georadar, geoelectric, contour photos and IFSAR photos. Now, the next stage will be to drill deeply into a number of places.

Oppenheimmer then explained, what he wrote in "Eden in the East" only relates to Southeast Asia which is a unified continental plate. "If you open the atlas, if you see the shallow sea, consider the South China Sea, the Java Sea, likened to dry land. It connects Kalimantan, Java, Bali, Peninsular Malaysia, all together in one land," he said.

Responding to people's doubts that the missing Atlantis was in Indonesia, he claimed he did not want to be doubtful. "I do not deny that Atlantis is in Indonesia, but I do not know the proof, so I said nothing," he said.


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