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Atlantis In Borneo (Atlantis Ruins on Lake Kalimantan)

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Samarinda (Dreamland Labrary) - An image of the structure of the ruins of an ancient city on a lake on the eastern island of Borneo, caught by the eyes of Google Earth (GE) which is indeed fantastic.

If it is true that the GE photo was not a technical camera error, this is the most spectacular picture of the century. Because the ruins were very broad and large, looked neatly arranged and very precise straight.

If it is true that the picture of the ruins is indeed a picture of the actual structure at the bottom of the lake, then we Indonesian people and citizens deserve to be proud. Because the ruins prove the existence of a very advanced civilization in this country.

The question is, which structure drawing comes from which civilization, what kingdom, and who built it. On the island of Kalimantan itself, especially in East Kalimantan, it does keep a hidden history that has not been revealed. In this region the Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman was established, which is the oldest kingdom in Indonesia and is famous for its wealth with a gift of 5,000 head of cattle to Brahmins.

In this region also stands the Dayak Tunjung kingdom named Sendawar Kingdom, whose existence is equivalent to the greatness of the Kutai Kingdom. There are also many small jobs that stood on the shores of the lake around the 5th to 16th centuries AD. Like the kingdom of Kedang, the kingdom of Sri Bangun (famous for the inheritance of Nandi's bull statue and the statue of a twin Buddha).

However, with all the greatness of the kingdom, is it able to build a structure as shown in GE's image? or is this not a relic of a much older civilization, like Atlantis or Lemuria for example?

I associate these two mythical and legendary civilizations with this GE image, because there are a number of theories that were recently posted by various domestic and foreign blogs. Where an expert said (I forgot, if anyone knows, please link here) said that the lost Atlantis was actually in the Indonesian archipelago today.

Then what about Lemuria? this country has indeed long been thought to come from around Indonesia. But do not know where. So, can all these pictures be revealed? I think this requires the help of fellow bloggers from anywhere to help publish it.

Please link this post, or on coffee or whatever but don't forget to call the Borneo Skyline as the first blog that has published or maybe found it. Thank you and for details, please look directly at GE on the island of Borneo.

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