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Relations between Makassar and Madagascar

Masyarakat Madagaskar
Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - From its physical stature most of the population of Madagascar looks different from the population of Africa in general. The inhabitants of Madagascar are more similar to the Malay family than the Negroid race. From the research conducted in Genecology, it was found that the population of Madagascar still had gene linkages with tribes in the archipelago. This similarity is because the people of the archipelago and Madagascar are still Austronesian family.

That the language used by the Malagasy people in Madagascar is the Barito language, southeast Kalimantan. Malagasy language is related to the languages ​​used by Maanyan, Witu Hamlet, Paku, Samihim and Lawangan. This thesis was first proposed by Dahl (1951: Malgache et Maanyan, Une Comparaison linguistique, Egede Instituttet, Oslo). Adelaar's research confirmed Dahl's thesis (1951). Adelaar also stated that many Malagasy languages ​​had loan words from Malay, Javanese and South Sulawesi.

Some Indonesian special plants which are also not spared there, such as plantain, sweet potato, taro and corn. According to research by George Murdock, an American professor in 1959, the plants were brought by Indonesians while traveling to Madagascar.

Malay migration arrived in Africa. Some time ago I had read a book (I forgot the title) about the Nusantara colonies in East Africa. According to the writer, that the archipelago nation (Malay) had already established trade relations with nations in Africa, not only did they trade, they also made colonies on the continent. They preceded Europeans for several centuries.

Swarnadwipa which means Gold Island is another name for Sumatra. This can be seen in the Hindhu legend of the Archipelago. According to Robert Dick, the amount of gold in Sumatra was brought by Zanj and Indonesian sailors from Zimbabwe, Africa. Because Dick also found evidence that said gold mines in Zimbabwe were originally pioneered by Nusantara seamen who came there. Some did not return and form the Afro-Indonesian race. Maybe this race is called Zanj.

Gajah Mada and its adventures to the West Linking the Javanese with Madagascar is indeed less popular, this is because of the unknown maritime traditions of the Javanese. But there is one interesting story that is often associated with the existence of Javanese people on the fourth largest island in the world is the story of Mahapatih Majapahit Gajah Mada. Gajah Mada, who is said to have been off duty and was awarded land in Madakaripura (East Java Probolinggo area), led the expedition to sail westward, stopping briefly in Lampung and then continuing to sail to the island of Madagascar. The fact is that until now no one knows where Gajah Mada was buried. So the possibility of this theory is true, Gajah Mada led the expedition so far up to Madagascar that it was impossible to return to Majapahit (Indonesia now) and finally settled in Madagascar until the end of his life.

Gajah Mada sailed along with his troops, stayed and married with local residents. Because this country is no stranger to the country in the archipelago, so Gajah Mada and its troops chose to settle on this island. There is another opinion that says the origin of the name Madagascar comes from the name Gajah Mada = Mada Gaskar.

Makassar seamen penetrate the Indian OceanDr. Cyril Hromnik an American historian who examined the history of South Africa in a book he wrote in 1982 stated that in the first century to X Indonesians from the oldest kingdom in South Sulawesi (The ancient state) brought workers to South Africa to be employed in the gold mining company. Some of them were stranded in Madagascar and formed a colony there. Experts agree that the oldest kingdom is Luwu. (Previously, please look at my writing entitled Luwu in the History track).

The word Makassar I use represents the tribes around Sulawesi such as Luwu, Bugis, Makassar, Mandar, Bajo, etc. The maritime greatness of the Makassar people is no doubt with phinisi boats that are not as big as European boats, Makassar people can go back and forth in the Indian Ocean. With the title as an international trading port, Makassar port is very crowded with spices from Africa. The spices were brought by Makassar sailors and other Indonesian sailors and from Europe.

In the Magasy language in Magaskar there are several vocabularies that are similar to the Makassar Bugis language such as the word Matua (old) etc. The greatness of the voyage was repeated in the 1991 Amana Gappa expedition sailed for Madagascar.

Judging from the name Madagascar it is possible that this name is taken from the name Makassar.


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Testimony from Dreamland Community Members

When he took his Masters in politics at the National University of Jakarta (1988), he sat in the same class as a student from Madagascar (who graduated from S1 IAIN Jakarta University)

His Madagascar friend told me in Indonesian very fluently, that he believed his ancestors were from Makassar.

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