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A Little Story About SundaLand (Atlantis the Lost Civilization)

Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - When we board an airplane towards Australia, we often run into other planes, in the air, which has a picture of a jumping Kangaroo on its tail.

This picture is always on every Australian flag-carier plane that considers the Kangaroo to be the continent's endemic animal.

But in fact the Kangaroo also exists in Papua, an area that belongs to the administrative territory of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. People must ask, who brought the Kangaroo to Papua?

No need to go far, the Kangaroo tribe, the Aboriginal tribe is actually also a native of Papua. Who told the Papuans to move to Australia and call themselves Aboriginal?

When the sea water was still below the Sundaland plain, there was also a non-submerged plain that connected Australia and Papua, namely the Arafuru sea plain that extends west to the Timor sea plain; the Arafuruland plain.

This plain is similar to the Sundaland plain. All Papuan tribes once lived in the vast plains of Papua and Australia, including the Kangaroo.

When sea water overflows occur, the life community on the plains between Papua and Australia is scattered up to higher regions, partly to Papua and partly to Australia, the Kangaroo also runs away from water partially to Papua and as to Australia.

The indigenous Papuan civilization community living on the Arafuru sea plain and the people living in the Sundaland plain have been neighbors for a long time, so that the integration of the territory into

The Republic of Indonesia is actually also symbolic of the greatness of civilization during the glorious Sundaland period. The Sundaland plain and the Arafuru sea plain are limited only by small seas along the Maluku basin-shaped from top to bottom, passing through the Banda sea gap to the Timor gap with Nusa Tenggara, this is like when we were in Singapore waving to Malaysia, or like Banyuwangi people shouting to his girlfriend in Bali through the Bali strait.

Now Australia which is controlled by Caucasians like Europe has more history in this region and tries to occasionally force the will. They are guests, and the cultural roots of civilization in this region will belong to the region's own regional community.

The great roots of civilization will not really disappear. Whose name is a root, which has lasted a very long time, will grow and grow, displaying the story of its past back in the future. Indonesia - other countries like it or not - will grow up to repeat the story of the greatness of Sundaland's Arafuruland civilization.

The burial of a giant civilization beneath the sea floor of Java is still surrounded by supernatural turmoil, which will have positive influences about the desires of the ancestors that have not been fulfilled in his past life: progress and greatness must return to its roots and their owners. And because those who live in this haunted and mystical region are now called Indonesia, this country will go far beyond what the VOC caliber invaders ever imagined whose origins are unclear.

The story of the greatness of the kingdom in just a hundred years ago is a "simple" story, no more than a teaser or opening credit tittle if compared to a film. But the real story hasn't been explored yet. The curse of the Sundaland plain will affect the entire life of this country.

The Papua region which is included in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia will be more advanced and prosperous than the Papua New Guinea region. The rights of ethnic Papuans who enter the territory of the Republic of Indonesia will be more respected by the state when compared to the rights of Aboriginal people in Australia. This will happen because we've been close neighbors even since the ice age!

The whole soul and body of the Sundaland ancestors who were swept away on the bottom of the Java Sea will guide whoever is leading the people in this region, whoever the country is in this region. Indonesia will be the world's lighthouse! Qibla direction will lead to Indonesia. People who used to get out of the Sundaland plains due to the flood, and scattered to higher regions will feel a very longing for this country, our country!

Changes in civilization in the future may not be in the form of freezing as in the ice age, but can also be in other forms. In the ice age, the Sundaland plain is a paradise of good living because it is located on the equator and is illuminated by the sun all year long.

At present, the necessities of life, ranging from natural resources and non-natural resource products to the needs of migrant workers, may be supplied by Indonesia. Indonesia will be seen as a place where other countries even really want us to express their opinions on the problems they face.

During the ice age, this country was known as a warm country. At present, "warmth" is transformed into something broader meaning. And this will be seen more clearly in the next few decades.

For now let us see only the momentum points that form the foundation stone for starting all the stories of the greatness of Sundaland: in the G-20, our economy defeats the Netherlands and Spain soon, the world's largest Muslim community and at the same time the world's largest democracy . This is just an opening. Indonesia is currently the world's largest oxygen supplier!

Most of the forest throughout the year gets full sunlight and this provides a large supply of oxygen in global terms. If we stress and cut down all the forests in this equatorial tropics, the world will collapse! This is a small piece of evidence, or it can also be called a symbolization, how even today the global living environment really needs an area called Indonesia.

Symbolization of the past also, how the Sundaland plain region also became an area that provides a very global place to live. East Javanese may glorify Majapahit. Sumatran people may glorify Srivijaya. Kalimantan people may glorify Kutai. Papuans can leave their kings and tribes alive.

All of that is just fragments. What unites all of them is the spirit of the Sundaland ancestors and the ancestors of the plain of Papua who are also submerged by the flood in the Arafuruland plain. Soon an embodiment of civilization that is larger and global will be formed, beyond the borders of the country in eastern Papua or in the north of Borneo.

An infinite boundary and the TNI does not need to send Leopard tanks to guard it. The boundaries that can never be colonized by anyone, because this has been printed on the plates of the earth, has been carved geologically by a mighty power.

This country should probably not only commemorate August 17th as independence day as a nation, but also need to carry out a national ritual of sowing flowers and mourning over the Java sea as a tribute to Sundaland civilization and also carried out over the Darwin strait or the Arafuru sea as a tribute. for the Papuan civilization that sank in the Arafuruland plain!

They are sincere that the plain must be inundated with water similar to a high mountain:

 "Let my children save themselves and scatter with the other children throughout the face of the earth, to the high places and breed there. Later, in the near future and in a very long time, they will return to this place and understand that the civilization they knew during their lives began here.

They will return and serve in the lap of the motherland! "

By: Firman Mawero

Photo: Special

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