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Pyramid in Garut

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Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - Recently the public was shocked by the news of the discovery of an object similar to the Pyramid that reportedly is older than the Pyramid of Gyza in Egypt. It means that it is older than 2800 BC. The pyramid is said to be located inside the mountain Sadahurip Garut. The Presidential Expert Staff for Social Affairs and Disaster Management believes in the existence of ancient objects inside Mount Sadahurip. Now Andi Arif who directly leads the Catastrophic Disaster Study team plans to drill to prove the existence of this ancient object which is now known as the Garut pyramid by the public.

Apart from the truth of the existence or absence of the Garut pyramid because it is still on going, at least this research reinforces new facts about Indonesia's great history in the past. Both prehistoric times and historical times when the glory of the Majapahit Kingdom and Srivijaya. It is still remembered by two foreign researchers Prof. Dr. Aryisio Nunes des Santos and Prof. Dr. Stephen Oppeinheimer first concluded the results of their research that Indonesia is a lost continent and Indonesia as the center of world civilization.

Through a book titled "Atlantis, The Lost Continent Has Finnaly Found, The Definitive Localitazion of Platos' s Lost Civilitazion" by Santos and Oppeinheimer's "Eden in The East", the results of spectacular discoveries were changed to change the view of world history. Although the conclusions are the same, the two persistent researchers take different interdisciplinary angles and focus.

Indeed, until now it is still being debated by experts about the two findings. Many call it the "fairy tale" of Atlantis and other titles. There are also those who argue with other research that has been published through books such as Santos and Oppeinheimer. But many also gave an appreciation of their findings, especially the people of Indonesia.

The Indonesian nation that has been experiencing a miss of identity because it is trapped by Western identity and culture really needs to explore the history of the archipelago to find out and mature the true character of the nation. So far, we are still confronted with the real debate about who and what Indonesian human identity is like. Pre-historical relics such as punden terraces and historical relics such as Indian Hindu-Buddhist buildings are increasingly confusing and provide many interpretations. Nothing wrong if Prof. Dr. Jimly Asshiddiqie suggested that the theme of Atlantis in the Archipelago was included in the National Education curriculum so that it would motivate the children of the nation to explore and continue to explore the history of the Archipelago.

What about the discovery of an ancient object (red: pyramid) by the catastrophic catastrophe team? Like the findings of Santos and Oppenheimer, various responses were made by experts and the public towards the Expert Staff of the President and the Team. Almost all national media contain negative responses from archaeologists and geologists about the plan of Andi Arif and Tim. The experts appealed to Andi Arif not to dream because until now there has never been any local archeological data and also an indicator of the existence of a pyramid in Southeast Asia. There are also experts who criticized the Mount Sadahurip drilling plan which was allegedly going to cut public money. Even to the extent that there are experts who argue that Andi Arif's behavior is nothing but a mere transfer of the issue when a "political" disaster befalls the main party of the government.

Events like the one above had already hit Santos and Oppeinheimer, if there was no persistence from both of them maybe until now there was no spectacular discovery of the hands of both. So that the authors assume there is actually nothing wrong planned by Andi Arif with the team as a follow-up to the initial analysis of the discovery to do the hills by drilling or whatever they are. But there are some things that are deemed inappropriate so that it raises a polemic among experts and observers.

First, the authors argue that Andi Arif as the President's Special Staff for Social Affairs and Disaster Management should not lead and prioritize the project. According to the authors, it is feared that the main jobdesk as the President's Special Staff for Social Affairs and Disaster Management will be neglected. Whereas at this time natural disasters still often occur in the country, there are still often delays in the handling of the government over existing natural events. Although Andi Arif has denied that what is currently done is an attempt to map disasters in the past, it is hoped that in the future it will not be repeated.

Secondly, the momentum of releasing the issue to the public regarding the planned follow-up to the Garut Pyramid research is not appropriate. As we all know, the current government increasingly receives severe shocks due to the destruction of the integrity of the main party supporting the government which is none other than the President's own party. So it is natural that the public seems to judge Andi Arif's findings as just a sensation, and as an engineering of the government diverts the attention of the public and the media, moreover he is a special staff of the President. It should be published when it reaches the final stages of conclusions, not like now. But copying what Santos and Oppenheimer have done.

Both of the above is the cause of the many negative responses arising from experts and observers plus the role of the media that seemed to support these criticisms. But remember those negative opinions do not represent the majority of Indonesian people. We do not yet know what will happen if the Pyramid really exists, yet it will not be in vain anyway if indeed there is no pyramid on the Mountain. There is always a lesson in every failure, as Einstein and the great inventors of the world have taught through many of his failures.

Because after all the findings of the past strong relevance to the future of a nation. History is a reflection of a nation in order to know their golden or bad past. So they can formulate future glory. Never forget history, that's the message the republic's first President said. This pyramid research is like an expectation of the golden history of the archipelago revealed.

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