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Borobudur Temple - 800 AD

Borobudur Temple (337 - 422 AD) already existed when F-Huan came to the Land of Java Jakarta ( DreamLandLibrary ) - Borobudur is ...

Matrilineal became Patrilineal - 1401 AD

Pekanbaru (Dreamland Library) - During the heyday of Bandar Malacca in the 15th century on the Malay Peninsula, in the Coal and Asahan regions of North Sumatra, many Minangkabau communities lived and implemented the Minangkabau system which was Matrilineal

Before turning into Patrilineal at the insistence of Sultan Deli. At present the Minangkabau descent has merged into the Malay communities of the east coast of North Sumatra.


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Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture