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La Galigo - Similar to the Koran but older than the Koran

Ujungpandang ( Dreamland Library ) - The Bugis in South Sulawesi, adheres to a belief in the Gods of Seuwae (the Only God). "The Bug...

Palembang City - 683 AD

Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - Well ... this is the oldest city in Indonesia with a long history as the largest Buddhist maritime kingdom in southeast Asia which dominated the 9th century archipelago and malaya with the nickname "Bumi Sriwijaya".

Palembang with the symbol of the Ampera Bridge is the second largest city after Medan, in West Palembang called the Venice of the East ("Venice of the East").

As the oldest city in Indonesia, on June 17, 683 AD, based on the Kedukan Bukit inscription found on Siguntang Hill.

This city is considered as one of the centers of the Srivijaya kingdom. Rajendra Chola's attack from the Chola Kingdom in 1025, caused the city to become a simple port that meant nothing to foreign traders.

Based on the story of Kidung Pamacangah and Babad Arya Tabanan mentioned a figure from Kediri named Arya Damar as the regent of Palembang participated in conquering Bali together with Gajah Mada Mahapatih Majapahit in 1343.

Sriwijaya's glory was passed down to the Palembang Sultanate Darusallam in middle age as a respected sultanate in the archipelago.

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