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Year 1,200 AD and Beyond

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We believe this year's poultices, have a lot of history of our Nation

This page is still in the form of year notes. We will continue to look for information regarding the inter-year relations below.

Year 1222 AD - 1.292 AD
Establishment of the Singasari Kingdom of East Java (Kejawen - Hindu - Buddhist)

1257 AD
The establishment of the Ternate Sultanate of Ternate, Maluku (Islam)

Year 1267 AD - 1521 AD
The establishment of North Aceh Pasra Sultanate

1282 AD
Aru / Haru Kingdom of East Coast, North Sumatra

Year 1293 AD - 1500 AD
Establishment of the Majapahit Kingdom (Kejawen - Hindu - Buddhist)

Year 1.298 AD
Establishment of the Kingdom of Indragiri Indragiri, Riau

13th Century AD
Panjalu Ciamis Kingdom, Gunung Sawal, West Java 13th Century AD

Sultanate of Kutai Kutai, East Kalimantan 13th Century AD

Buton Sultanate Buton 13th Century AD

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Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture