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Original Title: Found 7,000 Years Old Skeleton in Gayo

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TAKENGON - Consulate General Of Japan North Sumatra, Yuji Hamada claimed that the discovery of a prehistoric human skeleton site was found by a number of archeologists from the Medan Archaeological Center (BALAR), some time ago, at Loyang (Cave) Ujung Karang , District of Kebayaan, Central Aceh, is extraordinary.

"I am touched by the discovery of a 7,000-year-old human skeleton in Gayo which is more ancient (old-ed), from the Batak of North Sumatra, especially Japan which was only 2000 years ago. Here, the evidence turns out that there is ancient Malay life in Takengon, this is very extraordinary, "said the Japanese Consulate General in Medan, Yuji Hamada, while visiting Ujung Karang.

Yuji said, the finding of prehistoric life in Gayo was not only one of the cultural assets of the Gayo (Aceh) people, but as a whole, including in the Asia Pacific region and the world. "The history of Gayo must be held in a seminar, so that the Asia Pacific region in several regions knows about Gayo," he said.

In addition to the prehistoric findings of the human skeleton, the Japanese Consulate continued, the natural conditions in the Arabica coffee-producing region were very supportive, especially because some of the attractions that were there were worthy of being admired for their beauty. Besides being beautiful, he continued, the natural conditions still look natural and there are not many modern management touches. "I like and am very touched to see this place. Hopefully its beauty can be maintained, "pleaded Yuji Hamada.

The arrival of the Consulate General of Japan to this cool city, aims to see the condition of one of the Japanese-owned companies Nippon Koi, who is working on the Peusangan I and Peusangan II Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA) development projects.

"My goal is to see Nippon Koi who is building a hydropower plant. But I heard that there are historical objects found here, so I am interested to see them, "said Yuji Hamada.

For that reason, he promised to convey what was seen during a visit to Ujung Karang, to anyone and would organize an international seminar discussing the history of Gayo, specifically related to the findings. "We have conducted several seminars on history. And I am trying to disseminate this finding by presenting speakers and participants from Asia Pacific, "Yuji promised to a number of mass media in Central Aceh. (*)

Source: (Monday, 24 September 2012 | 13:46:39 WITA)

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