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Candi Sukuh - Year 1437 AD

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Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - On the slopes of Mount Lawu in Berjo Village, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java, there is a temple that has a unique structure because it looks like a Mayan pyramid building.

According to the promotion of the Karanganyar Tourism Office, the temple which was built by the Tantrayana Hindu community in 1437 was not only the youngest temple on the archipelago but also the most erotic temple.

What is unique, in this temple complex there are statues of winged creatures. This creature is called an eagle because one of the statues that is still intact shows the head like an eagle.

It's just that these statues have hands and feet like humans and wings like angels. Does this statue depict aliens?

This temple is very simple and contains a number of reliefs with various shapes. Among these male and female gender forms are made almost touching. On the rows of reliefs that adorn the walls of the temple is also depicted relief angel body with a position of "resignation" and relief of the uterus of women in quite large sizes.

Sex reliefs that illustrate the symbol of purity between the relationship of women and men which is the forerunner of human life. The relationship between man and woman through this relief is symbolized not by letting go of lust, but it is very sacred which is an outpouring of human children's love to give birth to an offspring.

Besides that, around the temple is also filled with reliefs that are not related to each other, causing a lot of stories. Stories about relief can vary depending on people's perceptions according to their point of view. The reliefs in this temple illustrate an unrelated story.

There is a legend of Goddess Uma who was cursed by her husband Batara Guru for having an affair with a shepherd. There is also the story of a woman who lost a gamble then was released in this temple so that she could enter sawarga (heaven). Local legend says that this temple is a place where spirits have died.

Sukuh Temple is located on the slope of Mount Lawu at an altitude of 910 meters above sea level. The weather is cool and in this rainy season thick fog always surrounds the beautiful temple area. Every month between 200-250 foreign tourists come to the temple with various purposes. Besides wanting to see the temple, there are also many who do meditation because this temple is a place for the residents of Mount Lawu.

The road to the temple along the 2 km can not use a large bus because the road is narrow. Besides that the ramp is upright so that only really prime vehicles can climb the mountain slope. This narrow road is somewhat intentional to maintain the preservation of nature in the region. Karanganyar Tourism relies on natural beauty by utilizing the Solo-Karanganyar-Sukoharjo golden triangle.

Main Literacy

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