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Gamolan Lampung - 200 Years BC

Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - Original Title: Music and Gamolan Dance in Lampung Born Four Abad Silam

Lampung's cultural heritage in the form of Gamolan has been born since four centuries ago. The preservation of this gamolan re-emerges at the regional cultural events in the province in the form of traditional dances.

"It is necessary to preserve Gamolan Lampung for regional cultural development four centuries ago," said Lampung Governor, Sjachroedin ZP, after the opening of the scientific discussion of sports and arts (disporseni) of the Open University (UT) in the western region, in Bandar Lampung, Thursday (6/9) .

He asked the Department of Culture and Tourism to respond in an effort to preserve the regional culture that has begun to be forgotten by today's society. For this reason, he appreciates if there are people and institutions that have preserved gamolan music and dance.

The event was organized by UT as a part of efforts to preserve regional arts throughout Sumatra, especially western Indonesia. According to the Governor, gamolan dance is a cultural art of the Lampung region which enriches the cultural arts of the Indonesian people.

No wonder, he said, gamolan as Lampung's traditional musical instrument which was born four centuries ago and has been recorded in the Indonesian World Record Museum (MURI). "This must be preserved, not extinct in the age of swallow," he said.

The Lampung gamolan theatrical dance was the opening event for the UT disbursement in the Saburai ceremony field, Enggal. This colossal dance in a unique area of ​​Lampung attracted the interest of participants and the local community.

The Gamolan dance tells the history of the beginnings of the civilization of the people of Lampung, especially West Lampung Regency. This story from the Hindu community from India then entered the land of Sumatra from the west then from the east of Buddha from China also entered.

Gamolan fusion of Indian and Chinese culture that entered Sumatra. In Sangsakerta, gamolan means gamel which means to hit. When China entered, the word gamol was defined as gathering known as gamolan. This tool is made of round bamboo and plates.


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