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Rice - 3,200 BC

Rice Fields
Jakarta (DreamLandLibrary) - According to Professor Stephen Oppenheimer

The story of rice genetics is very complicated. Let's start with archeological dating, it's easier. Then back to genetics. The oldest rice found in Sarawak, Kalimantan. Rice was found in a cracked pot. Inside are found rice grains and lime. Scientists then use carbon from rice to find out the date. And the figure was 5,200 years ago.

But this rice came from the Malay peninsula and was somewhat localized in northern Borneo. In eastern Indonesia, rice did not exist until 2000 years ago. So it's new. Java is also relatively late, but I forgot the exact numbers.

Besides that, everything is domesticated here. There are also bananas, walnuts and coconut which are domesticated here.

Polynesians do not grow rice. They eat sago, taro, and yams. But this product they came from here.

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