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1600 AD and Beyond

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Year 1600 AD - 1904 AD
Larantuka Christian Kingdom

1601 AD
Senopati resigned, the Kingdom of Mataram was continued by Krapyak

1602 AD - 1,800 AD
Occupation by the VOC against our Nation

In March, twenty companies in the Netherlands formed the Trading Company - Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC) under the leadership of Heeren XVII.
The Dutch government allowed the VOC to have its own War Fleet, and the VOC also had the right to build a fort, and decide on war with parties deemed detrimental.
The VOC built the first "post" in Gresik

1604 AD
The expedition of the British East India Company under the leadership of Sir Henry Middleton arrived in Ternate, Tidore, Ambon and Banda.

1608 AD
Gowa began a three-year war against the Kingdom of Bone

1611 AD
The UK built several trading posts in Asia, including in Makassar, Jepara, Aceh and Jambi.
The Netherlands built a trading post in Jayakarta (Jakarta). Gowa conquered Bone

1613 AD
Sultan Agung became the king of Mataram

1614 AD
Aceh won a battle against the Portuguese on Bintan Island, to then invade Malacca.
Sultan Agung of Mataram invaded the Surabaya area.
The VOC sent an envoy to appear before Sultan Agung

1618 AD
Jan Pieterzoon Coen became the first Governor-General of the VOC.
In December, the Sultan of Banten encouraged the British to expel the Dutch from Jayakarta.

Sultan Agung prohibited trade transactions with the VOC.
In Jepara, the VOC trading office was attacked

1620 AD
Aceh took Kedah.
Rahmatullah became the Sultan of Banjar in Kalimantan.

1619 AD
Jayakarta became Batavia

1630 AD
The Establishment of the Asahan Sultanate

1640 AD
The establishment of the Bima Bima Sultanate

1650 AD
The establishment of the Adonara Kingdom, Adonara, West Java

1666 AD
The founding of the Gowa Sultanate of Goa, Makassar

1669 AD
The founding of the Deli Deli Sultanate, North Sumatra

1675 AD
The establishment of Palembang Palembang Sultanate

1679 AD
The establishment of the Waringin City Kingdom in Central Kalimantan


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