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Kandis - 1 Year BC

Illustration of the Kandis Kingdom, Photo: Special
Jakarta (Dreamland Library) - Kandis Kingdom is the oldest kingdom standing in Sumatra, located in Koto Alang, in the Lubuk Jambi, Kuantan, Riau region.

This kingdom is estimated to have stood 1 year before Christ, predating the establishment of the Moloyou or Dharmasraya kingdom in Central Sumatra. Two figures who are often referred to as royal kings are Patih and Tumenggung.

Maharaja Diraja, the founder of this kingdom, when he arrived at Bakau Hill built a magnificent palace called the Dhamna Palace. The son of Maharaja Diraja named Darmaswara with the title Mangkuto Maharaja Diraja (the Crown Prince Maharaja Diraja) and another title was Datuk Rajo Tunggal (more commonly called). Datuk Rajo Tunggal has an oversized weapon that is a keris with the head of an eagle that is still held by Danial title Datuk Mangkuto Maharajo Dirajo. Datuk Rajo Tunggal is married to a beautiful beautiful daughter named Mother Earth. Mother Earth is related to the Mother of White Blood. Old White Blood Mother and youngest Mother Earth. After Maharaja Diraja died, Datuk Rajo became the sole king in the kingdom of Kandis. Mother of White Blood was edited by Datuk Bandaro Hitam. The royal symbol of Kandis is a pair of red and white botanical flowers.

Royal Economy
The economic life of the Kandis kingdom is from forest products such as resin, rattan and swallow nests, and from agricultural products such as gold and silver. The Kandis kingdom was rich in gold, so Rajo Tunggal ordered to make a gold mine at the foot of Bukit Bakar, known as the mining mine, meaning a gold mine made based on the king's decree. Until now this former mining legacy is still called the mine command.

Forest products and Kandis crops are traded to the Malay Peninsula by the Minister of Trade, Dt. Bandaro Hitam by using ojung or wooden boat. From Malacca to Kandis brought goods needed by the kingdom and the people. Thus the trade relationship between Kandis and Malacca until Kandis reached its peak. The Minister of Commerce of the Kingdom of Kandis, who went back and forth to the Malacca Peninsula, brought merchandise and married a Malacca. As the first person to establish trade relations with Malacca and leave the story of the Kingdom of Kandis with the Dhamna Palace to his wife and children on the Malay Peninsula.

Dt. Rajo Tunggal rules fairly and wisely. At the peak of its glory, there was a struggle for power by the King's subordinates who wanted to rule, resulting in slander and sedition. People who felt capable and influential gradually moved from Bukit Bakar to other places including Bukit Selasih and finally the White Kancil kingdom stood at Bukit Selasih.

The establishment of the White Kancil Kingdom and the Koto Alang Kingdom
Seawater is receding so that more and more Kuantan area arises. Then also stood the kingdom of Koto Alang in Botung (now Sangau Village) with Raja Aur Kuning as its King. The spread of the Kandis population to various places that have arisen from the surface of the sea, so it also stands the Kingdom of Puti Pinang Cook / Pinang Merah in the Coastal area (now Lubuk Ramo). Then also stood the Kingdom of Dang Tuanku in Singingi and the kingdom of Imbang Jayo in Koto Baru (Singingi Hilir now).

With the establishment of new kingdoms, the seizure of power began to occur, which eventually arose wars between kingdoms. Koto Alang kingdom fought the White Kancil kingdom, after that the Kandis kingdom fought the Koto Alang kingdom and was defeated by Kandis. Koto Alang Kingdom did not want to be ruled by Kandis, so Raja Aur Kuning moved to the Jambi area, while Patih and Temenggung moved to Merapi.

The move of Raja Aur Kuning to the Jambi area caused the river that flows beside the Koto Alang kingdom to be named the Salo River, meaning King Bukak Selo (open the precepts) because he lost the battle. Whereas Patih and Tomonggong ran to Mount Marapi (West Sumatra) where both of them carved the history of West Sumatra, by changing the name Patih to Dt. Perpatih nan Sabatang and Tomonggong changed their name to Dt. Silence.

Not long after, the officials of the kingdom of Kandis were killed, attacked by King Sintong from rear China, with his expedition known as the Sintong expedition. The place where Raja Sintong's ship was docked, named Sintonga. After defeating Kandis, Raja Sintong and his soldiers continued their journey to Jambi. After losing the war the leaders of the Kandis kingdom gathered at Bukit Bakar, fearing an enemy attack, so they agreed to hide the Dhamna Palace by taking an oath. Since then the Dhamna Palace disappeared, and they moved the center of the Kandis kingdom to the Tuo Hamlet (Kuantan Bay now).

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