Window of Archipelago

Borobudur Temple - 800 AD

Borobudur Temple (337 - 422 AD) already existed when F-Huan came to the Land of Java Jakarta ( DreamLandLibrary ) - Borobudur is ...

Java Man - 5 Million Years Ago

Mojokerto (DreamLandLibrary) - Javanese man (Homo erectus paleojavanicus) is a type of Homo erectus that was first discovered. At the beginning of the discovery, this human-like creature was given the scientific name Pithecanthropus erectus by Eugène Dubois, the team leader who managed to find his skull fossil in Trinil in 1891. The name Pithecanthropus erectus itself comes from Greek and Latin roots and has a human-ape meaning that can stand .


Arabic Culture Turns Inheritance from Christian Religious Culture